Why women don’t like politics

Sounds like a quick sly comment or someone has seriously got it wrong. Politics is probably the singular distinction that can be patented to women with certainty; in our casual dialect known as ‘Bitching’ or ‘Gossiping’. I consider that to be our birth right and organic to womanhood. But the politics that I am talking about is the art and science of administration of government; or to be the big Uncle Sam of a country who practices statecraft, the inherent savoir-faire and takes decision on matters of state.

Even the most socially advanced countries such as the USA have just about 20% women in their parliaments; Lok Sabha has only 11%. I wonder why we are not there even though we have the right ingredients, mental faculty and the acumen to control masses. Here are some reasons.

We take everything personally

Politician are immune to criticism however genuine it may be, and exhibit the incredible strength of shamelessness that is necessary to defend their arrogance. On the other hand, women take all negative interpretation or analysis of their actions as a personal attack. In other words we are not thick-skinned pigs who can take filthy pointless blows on how we manage our homes. A woman selflessly nurtures her abode and if required can die or kill for it, like soldiers do for their country. Whereas, politicians rarely demonstrate any affection for the state; they rather enact a self-centred melodrama for personal benefits, and we have no appetite or caliber for the same.

We are not fake

If you can tell big lies, make tall promises, and don’t have an iota of intention to do your job, then definitely you are a politician. It is the ability to be unconscionable, read calibrated scripts full of deceit and feign emotions. Oh! And surprisingly we have enough dumb down citizens who believe them and greet with waving flags. Women can’t even fake an orgasm, forget bluffing the populace. It is impossible for them to live this dual personality because they are genuine and candid. Being truthful is their inherent character. She will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. We hate politics because truth rarely the objective.

We don’t have the greed for power

Politicians craves for power like a desperate nymphomaniacs running wild on the streets – can even rape to satisfy the lust and hunger. This greed to rule will always be inadequate as it guarantees him a place in history and offers means to accumulate illegitimate wealth. Past is replete with examples where they have even killed their parents and brothers to seize control. Whereas, women don’t exercise dominance, except on their husbands and boyfriends, so to say. In India, traditionally also they were never allowed to exploit authority and hence this intense desire to rule or to be in power is altogether missing. It is impossible for her to be so narcissistic and go on an egoistic rampage to grab power.

We hate history & the art of fooling around

To be a politician you must know history like the back of your hands. History and political science have always been our subject of choice, still we don’t know much about it, as it is boring enough to deprive you of an existence. Politicians don’t learn from history, rather it is used as a weapon to fool around. It helps to quote incidents in unnecessary inconsequential contexts, to beat a debates on national television. For example if someone asks you, “why did you demonetize overnight without preparation?”; as a politician you have all the liberty to say, “In 1975 emergency was also imposed overnight and our fundamental rights were abused”. If he cannot convince, he confuses and women know nothing about fooling and frustrating their audiences with absurd historical episodes.

Not our choice

If you really want to be a politician then you will have to escape your womanhood and put on the mask of chutzpah, malice and piggishness. Quote the most irreverent lexicon to make your pointless point and be ready to fake all emotions publicly. Learn the art of bewildering people and never do your job. Just see how quickly you will climb the stairs of political corridors. But as a women, one is gentle, forthright, benevolent and sensitive to own clan. It is impossible to bridge this huge gap of personality traits, and that’s why politics is not our preferred choice of things.

No wonder Queen Victoria once said, “I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations”.

vasudha: I'm an Army wife, balancing my life as a homemaker and an IT freelancer. One has been a procrastinator of sorts and it has taken me a while to overcome my writo-phobia. I hope to be an author someday. I am a foodie who loves to cook and a travel planner who loves to travel.
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