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Pakistan Military is a version of ISIS

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

Pakistan, India’s problematic sibling, hostile neighbour and mothership of terrorism. A country which caught between ‘Military and Mosque’ as described by Hussain Haqqani. Pakistan has a record of hanging, executing its Prime-Ministers so as to pave way for their Megalomaniac Generals.

From General Ayub Khan to General Musharraf all have taken control over the civilian government. After the Kerry-Lugar bill was passed in US parliament, the long tradition of  Military Coup has come to an end. But that surely does not put an end to the power and strength that military has in Pakistan and its ‘larger than life’ image among the Pakistanis.

Pakistan was deliberately kept in a vulnerable and volatile condition by the military to retain its importance and control. In fact the military has so much control over the country that its nearly impossible for any civilian to think or act its way. It is the only military in the world which colonises its own citizens and is ruthless in genocide of its own countrymen. From supporting various radical Islamic elements to creating safe terror heavens, Pakistan’s Military has done it all.

There is so much interference of military in civilian matters that its like an undeclared martial law. Pakistan military is a significant equivalent of ISIS and must be punished for war-crimes by International Society.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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