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India’s ‘Self-celebrated Intellectuals’: The Lutyens

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

A Terrorist called Sabzar Bhat was killed by our Armed Forces. I was expecting a sudden backlash by some of the elitist journalists, lawyers and all the watchdogs of human rights in India as they were called ‘celebrity’ journalists by Sudhir Chaudhary. Last time when Terrorist Burhan Wani was killed these Species had gone crazy shouting human rights violation so I thought this time too they will create such a situation. But no ladies and gentlemen our very own ‘self celebrated intellectuals’ surprised me by circulating a news that the terrorist Sabzar Bhat had chosen militancy due to failed love. It sounded stupid to dig such stuff and they publish them as headlines.

But thats ‘Lutyens’, for them Burhan was poor headmaster’s boy. Ishrat was sweet moonfaced girl and Afzal was innocent man. So no wonder these individuals will find Sabzar as onesided-misguided lover. I am really amazed what the hell is always wrong with these lutyens? They always take the opposite road the masses take just to sound intellectual but no one really calls them that. They attend all the literary fests, speak all the crap and try to paint the world with their brush as if they have monopoly over intelligence and truth. They take education from foreign universities, speak fluent English and fool all the people of India. They try to see India through the lenses of system and principles which they have studied at their universities. What they don’t get is, India is altogether a different country with different history and civilization and culture. These Lutyens have problem with everything that is Indian and then they give such bizzare reasons that make me wanna put my hand through my eye into the brain and whirl it around.

Once I read an article of a Lutyens journalist and I must say she needs a psychological treatment. In that article she calls our very own missile man Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam as ‘Bomb daddy’ and she goes on criticizing him. She even criticizes science for spreading radical Hindutva and Brahminism. Only a mentally challenged person can say that science is responsible for radical religious things. But then being typical Lutyens intellectual, she does not forget to mention the degree of Osama Bin Laden i.e. Engineering. And as Nehru is all god king of Lutyens, she ends her piece quoting his thoughts on science and technology as a salute to him and advising all the science guys to go the Chacha way. Then another one who caught my eye are that ‘extremist’ lutyens. Yes, I will call them ‘extremist’ because they go to any means to prove themselves right. They abuse Hindu religion, burn Gita, call others low IQ, insult armed forces, like an article that was featured in ‘the wire’ comparing Gen Rawat with Gen Dyer, they even support shouting of slogans supporting terrorists in Indian University Campuses and if countered they have this handy tool of ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’  to attack anyone and everyone, who questions them.


Basically Lutyens hate to be questioned. Even one incident of lynching or riot in one state can make them believe that the whole country with 28 states and 7 union territories has gone intolerant. Speaking of this, yes ‘Tolerance’ is their ‘Brahmastra’. They use it when their horrible acts of abusing and criticizing India’s culture, history and civilization is questioned. They advice us to be ‘tolerant’. Their famous punching bags are all the institutions even remotely related to ‘Hindutva’ and ‘Hinduism’. No no counter please because they consider Right Wingers as Low IQ Desi people with no intelligence as them. They are horrible. It is even stupid and waste of time to counter or criticize them because again you will be labelled as ‘Bhakt’ or ‘Sanghi’ even if your grandfather did not have any affiliation to Sangh Parivar.

I feel these people don’t deserve to live in India and also on earth because its in their DNA to criticize the culture of whichever place they live in. Here’s a request dear ISRO: You are launching many satellites recently. Please take these Lutyens to their home planet and help in making India and the whole Earth a better place to live.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

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