“I only support for Shoaib Malik to win and not Pakistan”, Sania Mirza on IND-PAK cricket matches

London. Sania Mirza has cleared the air for a hundredth time about whom she supports when India and Pakistan play against each other in a cricket match. Frustrated with the same question ever after her marriage, she once posted “I am married to Mr. Shoaib Malik, who is from Pakistan. I am an Indian, who will remain an Indian until the end of my life”, on Twitter.

“I only support for Shoaib Malik to win and not Pakistan. If he plays good and if his team wins, should I not support and congratulate him? Would it not be selfish to wish him well to score well but not hit the winning runs? Get me right! I always want India to win, especially when I play in doubles representing the country or not!”, Sania was very explicit in her position as to whom she supports, while talking to My Voice.

Thoroughly confused with her answer, when the reporter asked her to spell out clearly whom she wants to win, she said: “India. But, you can not stop me when I clap for my husband’s boundaries and sixes. Also, I cannot sit down quiet when he celebrates the win with his team. Wait a minute! Now, even I am confused. I am a real girl of India who plays as a cheer girl for Pakistan whenever my husband plays! Is that clear?”

My Voice reporter, who has barely understood the government’s recent cattle policy about “can’t sell and can eat and can’t sell for eating!” and the GST and different rates for different products etc., sought help from Sourav to know the answer for one final time, uncharitable or not.

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