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How conventional wisdom has sunk its followers: Indian National Congress the latest example

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“When you reinvent the wheel, you can get rid of the original design flaws.” When I wrote this line as my FB status, few days back some of my friends requested me to elaborate. So here it comes:

We have all heard about the story of Nokia and Kodak and how they were the best and were shot out of market without committing any mistake as they made the best products. Well crap I say! They lost because they were arrogant enough to think that what they are selling is the best and there can’t be better. This is when you rely upon the conventional data collected through conventional methods. Same is happening with a political party which came to the scenario as party with a difference and an alternative to conventional politics. It ended up in the timeless trap of conventionalism.

Conventionalism will entice you, trap you and finally enslave you into believing that you are the best and deserve nothing but success. Same happened to Hillary and Congress in 2014. May happen to BJP but they have I believe some wisdom at the top which I hope will prevent them from falling into this trap which has betrayed the might of Ravan to Rajas of India, from ever shining empire of Britain, to the business barons who are currently on the run.

Conventional wisdom does not allow you to think out of the box. It can give you momentary fame and your 10 minutes of stardom but in general will keep you thirsty and wanting for more. Whereas timeless wisdom of consciousness will want you to gamble, take risk and most importantly reinvent yourself. It will help you to transit from a stage of success to another. Success is not a destination but a journey they say but this journey will take you to abyss if you keep going in the same direction without altering your path once you succeed. There has to be an everlasting urge of discovering new horizons and new dimensions.

You always need to redefine and reinvent, learn and unlearn and relearn. Conventional wisdom will lead you to false comfort zones, it will entice you into believing the false narratives, and it is designed to keep you as a slave of an organization or a society. It wants you to abide by rules so that the dominant forces stay that way and do not let you emerge; unless you keep asking yourself the question, what is my higher purpose? How do I create a new way?

A Manjhi few years back would have thought how do I move a mountain? A tea seller few decades back would have thought how do I take on the might of a Dynasty who had every third road named after them? A man thrown out of a train in last century would have thought how do I take on the might of British Empire? A dethroned King few centuries back who ate bread made of grass would have thought how do I take on the might of Mughal-Ae Azam? A GyanGunSagar few thousand years back would have thought how do I jump the ocean? Not possible unless you reinvent yourselves. Those who know Ramayan, will apprehend that a ‘KAND’ becomes ‘Sundarkand’, only after this transition happens.

So when you reinvent the wheel, you can not only get rid of the initial design flaws, you can evolve, you can enrich, you can contribute, you can grow, you can ultimately attain further consciousness.

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