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British Empire

The paradox of modernity: How its impact on Indian culture surpasses colonization

It is crucial to understand that the colonizers, who believed their race to be superior and who aimed to set themselves apart from the colonized, were the ones who introduced the concept of modernity.

Time for India’s Kohinoor Diamond be returned to the Kakatiya Temple

The Ironic story of a Ghiyasuddin Ghazi, who's ancestors benefitted in the 13th century, and who allowed it's theft in the recent present in the 19th century!

India recognizes and finally pays respect to Netaji

India can not imagine her freedom without the real on ground fighters like Netaji!

Revisiting India’s constitution and the history of partition

British and some Indians never gave a real credit to true freedom fighters, who suffered exiles, torture at Andaman Island or outright murders. Similar experiences were cited in other countries seeking independence like Ireland, Kenya, and other colonies.

Meghan Markle promises to return the Kohinoor to India

The Kohinoor is coming back to where it truly belongs.

Are Indian history text books really biased?

Contributions of many dynasties, kings and kingdoms find no mention in our text books. Post independence history is also not adequately covered in our text books.

The Indian jungle book

How to stop this Tiger the political opposition thought. They learnt from the nighnouring Pakistan and adopted their policy ‘Bleed India with thousand cuts’ so bleed Modi with thousand cuts.

The fall of Singapore- A betrayal that started the end of an empire

This is how Britain not only lost its dominance in the Southeast, but also never could become a dominant power again in the region since.

Bhima Koregaon: A false narrative

What does Ambedkar’s attempt at glorifying Koregaon reflect?

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