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First month of Yogi administration- Week I

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Siddhartha Kar
Siddhartha Kar
Technologist and Entrepreneur. Keenly interested in India, World History and Current Affairs.

In the run up to the UP elections, BJP had, as it had done in all other states, refrained from putting a local face to the campaigns officially. It is a commonly known fact that apart from Modi, it has nearly been impossible to find a person at the helm across all states who could exhibit a somewhat comparable level of political knack, popularity, sincerity, vision, diplomacy, courage and capacity for hard work. 

On the other end, the fact was, half way into the tenure of the central government, UP would be a blessing for the party where it could put forth before the country what BJP’s vision for India was. And, there was no better test bed than Uttar Pradesh, the state which, if it were a country by itself. would be one of the top 10 most populated countries in the world!

The ask of the leader in UP was immense, many would say practically impossible, especially given the tattered state UP has been reduced to. Many keen observers of Indian politics, had this politically incorrect feeling that despite the unrelenting propaganda of decades, there could only be one person to lead this charge – Yogi Adityanath.

Despite a relentless propaganda to present him as a religious fundamentalist over the years, his acceptance as a reasonable and mass leader across UP, made him the ideal choice.

On the 18th of March, Venkaiah Naidu announced Yogi’s name as the CM designate- for some it sounded the death knell; while it was pleasant for many. Many others didn’t really know what to expect but, were content to keep an open mind.

What follows are the chronicles of Yogi’s first thirty days in government. It gives an objective insight into Yogi’s work and intent, much beyond what dominates mainstream media.

Day 1: Yogi and team take oath. He asks Ministers (a) to refrain from unnecessary comments; (b) to submit details of their properties within 15 days.

He also says that the government will work 18 hours a day.

Day 2:  Yogi meets bureaucrats. In the meeting

(a) He stresses on zero-tolerance on Corruption and Law and Order.

(b) He emphasises on respectful treatment of all citizens.

Yogi orders immediate removal of all non-government advisors, chairmen, deputy chairmen, and members in corporations, committees and departments.

Instructions are issued to remove all Dalals from police stations immediately. Police is asked not to show any discrimination in lodging complaints.

Today Yogi Govt issues a 9-point agenda for electricity. Following developments have happened:

(a) New rosters for electricity supply are notified to all 5 electricity boards.

(b) Managing Directors are directed to observe the rosters with immediate effect.

(c) MDs and Directors of Electricity distribution companies would personally be responsible for ensuring swift resolution of complaints.

(d) The above companies are also asked to prepare plans for expenditure of remaining funds from DDUGJY within a week.

Health department begins preparing proposal on building of 11,000 Swasthya Upkendra, and lowering response times of 108 ambulance to 15 minutes.

Day 3: Yogi is personally taking interest on the Law and Order front. Police have been instructed to immediately start policies for which no manpower and budget is needed. IG has instructed SPs to personally review law and order situation on a weekly basis. Anti-Romeo Squads, Women Safety, Land Mafia, Illegal Slaughterhouses and Animal smuggling are priorities.

UP Electricity Regulatory Commission issues orders for immediate implementation of ‘Trust Billing’ in cities for transparency and consumer empowerment.

Government grants 25 acres of land for Ramayan Museum in Ayodhya. Departments have been activated for administration preparedness for navratri. They have been asked to provide amenities and security and at the same time not allow new traditions to be started during festivities.

Day 4: Ministerial portfolio distribution is done.

All extensions given to retired officials by SP government are to be reviewed.

Govt offices will be required to implement bio-metric attendance.

Instructions have been issued across government to not keep files pending beyond 7 days. Files dealing with amounts in excess of 5 crores must go through CM.

44 policemen in Noida and 3 in Meerut are suspended to curb Dalali in police stations.

Complete ban on illegal slaughterhouses has been issued. Every district has been directed to create a committee under DM. DM is required to submit a daily report. Cow smuggling is also to be prohibited with immediate effect. 2 Dozen slaughterhouses have already been shut.

Pan, Guthka and Polythene were banned from government offices.

Day 5: All officials have been asked to submit details of properties by 3rd April 2017.

Department of Energy to introduce E-Tenders immediately.

PWD was instructed not to give any tenders to contractors with criminal records and to prepare list of contractors belonging to political parties.

Health Department has been asked to create Common Treatment Protocol to treat 10 common diseases across cities, towns and villages. This is to help quality treatment reach the last mile.

Sugar mills instructed to release payments to farmers within 14 days.

Due to corruption in government selection procedures, interviews to 1652 Asst Professor and more than 60,000 teaching positions have been suspended.

Yogi issued instructions for all departments to send proposals for the 2017-2018 budget by 30th April.

Day 6: Under the scheme of distribution of cheap and generic drugs, only 150 establishments are operational. Instructions issued to increase this to 3000.

Energy Department to sign ‘Power for All’ agreement with Center by the 15th of April. Instructions have been given to facilitate cashless billing.

State gives approval for addition of 10 more cities to center’s Smart City initiative.

Ministry of Culture orders pay scale revisions for Grade D employees. This has been pending for the last 6 years.

Vishal Chauhan appointed MD of Power Corporation. He is also MD of Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam and Power Transmission Corporation.

(These have been compiled from various news paper reports)

Day 7: PWD instructed to remove all potholes across the state by 15th June 2017.

Rural Development Ministry will construct 150 roads under the PMGSY by June.

On wheat purchase from farmers, 100% of the produce is supposed to be purchased from farmers. The target this year has been set to 80 Lakh Tonnes.

Kashiram Shahari Awaas Yojana was introduced by BSP. Under this scheme, 12,490 houses were to be given free of cost to poor. Budget was allocated but, once SP came to power, the scheme was practically shelved. Yogi has instructed for the project to be resumed immediately and completed at the earliest.

DGP Javed Ahmed has issued orders for police not to harass couples as a part of Anti Romeo squads. COs will be held responsible in case of such incidents. Police have also been instructed to do 90 minutes of foot patrol statewide.

Government has been giving notices to private medical and dental colleges for details on income. In the absence of this information, the government will fix the fees for such colleges. The last notice to these colleges have been sent.

Starting next month, all Higher Education institutes will be required to fill self-evaluations online.

Here is how week 2 of the government looked.

(These have been compiled from various news paper reports)

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Siddhartha Kar
Siddhartha Kar
Technologist and Entrepreneur. Keenly interested in India, World History and Current Affairs.
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