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Cow vigilante – Economic & ecological way

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It appears like cow vigilante and beef  are friction point between two religions. Rather isn’t it matter of culture, health & economic well-being of society? Let’s consider sustainable way.

People who have cows at home or who are involved with cows in dairy, agriculture or serving cows in gau shala should pride themselves as Gau rakshak. Those who are trending on social media or taking law in their hands are actually hijacking the real cow vigilante identity. I really appreciate Gau shala work but to save the cattle genome, government needs to swing in action. Incentivizing the diary industry, green energy, organic foods, etc will show people voluntarily up keeping cows. Without economic gains associated with cattle, one or the other way they will find way to slaughter houses.

Minority feels government is pushing certain agenda. If there is money associated with cow raring, will they not take this opportunity? Majority feels its like cow is mother like; they should nurture cows. Taking law in hand isn’t solution. At the same time government should strengthen local police. Mainstream media labelled it as misplaced priority. The same set cried loud when Shaktiman (the horse) was hurt. Why don’t they accept cow’s regard in common man’s mind? Especially when people’s sentiments can erupt to the level of lynching, why not stop illegal slaughtering? This double standard bothers me.


Eating beef has led to another kind of debate. My point is food habits do change over a time. With increasing consumerism, markets need products in more quantity, many variety & faster delivery. This leads unhealthy dairy techniques including hormone injections, unscientific farming leading to drop in fertility of soil, then there is debt trap for farmers, illegal slaughter houses lead to health concerns. On the other side obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, heart attacks are spreading like epidemic. Most of it is attributed unhealthy lifestyles including food habits. Stress should be on sustainability. Why not push healthy living by promoting vegetarianism? It will also mean better ecological foot print. One can imagine the richness in blessing “Doodho nahao, phooto phalo”!

Left liberals make all petty issues make it appear as India is burning. It is wrong to kill a person for a cow and certainly vice versa also holds true. Advocating only one side leads to flaring up of emotions. We need to come together as a society to defeat such forces.

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