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Kannada groups disappointed that Kattappa isn’t killed in the Bahubali conclusion

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Bangalore. The various Kannada groups, spearheaded by Vatal Nagaraj have been completely disappointed that Kattappa is not killed in the Bahubali 2 – Conclusion. If he is killed in the movie, I would not have wasted a single drop of tears, as much as I would not have allowed one drop of the Cauvery water to Tamilnadu, Vatal told in a press conference.

“We initially demanded an apology from Kattappa. Hold on here! The apology is not for Kattappa killing Bahubali in the movie. It is for Kattappa scolding Kannada Chalavali with derogatory remarks nine years ago, in the ongoing decades-long political drama. He did act in several movies that were released in Karnataka since then. But, none was as big as Bahubali”, Vatal explained why this movie was selected for the apology seeking.

“When we allowed Bahubali 2 to be screened in Bangalore and Karnataka, it was with the hope that Kattappa would be killed in the movie. Kattappa defied all the odds once again. We will have to wait for Bahubali 3 now”, a visibly disappointed Vatal told the media. When our reporter explained that the second part is the conclusion, Vatal said he does not care.

“Have you seen the movie? The river scenes are shot in kaveri. If we release water to Tamilnadu, then how will the river have enough water to drown Sivagami. Our party, recognised or not, will always fight for just causes and we only burn down the vehicles from Tamilnadu and vandalise the auditoriums where Hindi, Telugu or Tamil movie are screened”, Vatal turned political and a little bit violent kicking tyre of a car with TN registration number.

Our reporter, fresh from watching the epic, had felt Vatal exhibited love, greed and betrayal in a much better way in contemporary Indian politics than that of a fictional epic: Love  of power, greed for money and total betrayal of people in 2 states.

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