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Home Satire Michelle Obama to replace Shilpa Shetty for Exo dish washing bar ad

Michelle Obama to replace Shilpa Shetty for Exo dish washing bar ad

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Mayura is a freelance creative writer and blogger at

After Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Made in Jaunpur’ remark, Exo dish wash bar has decided to cast Michelle Obama as their brand ambassador to flaunt those new shiny steel vessels. On hearing this Michelle has expressed that she is super excited to know about the decision and cannot thank Raga enough for the genius that he is for coming out with such mind blowing women empowering concepts. She is also considering recommending his name to be included in one of their top think tanks. IIM has also declared that they would soon be doing a case study on Raga, to understand the growing success of BJP.

Thanking RaGa immensely the former FLOTUS in a Jason Wu gown has taken to twitter sharing how unnerving it was when she saw the greasy stains of Butter chicken and Mutter Paneer on her crockery and how she had spent long sleepless hours in her private lagoon pondering on how to keep her utensils shining and family healthy. She goes on to reveal that that’s precisely when she came up with the #letsMove #EatHealthy campaign to totally get rid of oily cooking in the White House.

Fox news has reported that it is because of those adamant grease accumulated over 8 years that Melania Trump refused to stay in the White House as the kitchen smelt of Shahi Kebabs. It is expected that CNN would hit back in full swing and there could be a widespread outrage on media houses about how Melania has made a xenophobic comment about kebabs and colored people and that is what has led to many hate crimes in the US recently!

After all this outrage in geo-international politics, the office of Raga has clarified that the classical Jaunpuri raga sung on a late morning by their young leader was actually more about exporting Mutter Paneer and not Patila, and that the whole matter was being taken out of context and blown out of Jupiter by Sanghis when in reality the impact of the speech had yielded the former first lady a dignified job!

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Mayura is a freelance creative writer and blogger at

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