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A message to all the sections after the election results

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Okay! BJP has won. Now, what should the common person think in political/social aspects rather than just going to their usual business?

Each and every Indian who is confused about the mandate or minorities if (a big IF) they think that it is not good for democracy; there are very simple things, which they can do. They can just look at some points and research on their own and analyze the output, I am trying and put out some points here, rest being a responsible citizen, do yourself with your own judgement.

1. To our Muslim brothers:
I, myself being a Bollywood fan cannot think about Bollywood without Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin or Naseeruddin Shah for that matter. If you’re a fan of acting, can you think of Bollywood without ‘Tigmanshu and Irrfan’ or without ‘Manoj and Nawaz’ or without ‘Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah’? If you’re a fan of stardom, can you think of Bollywood without ‘Shahrukh and Akshay’?

There wasn’t a single Indian who did not weep when Abdul Kalam passed away, I am not going to 1526-1757/1857 era but trying to put points in Modern History where we fought for independence together; be it ‘Naram Dal’ or ‘Garam Dal’, you would see ‘Maulana Azad Sahab’ with ‘VallabbhBhai Patel’ and ‘Ashfakullah Khan with Ram Prasad Bismil’.

What happened then? How did the time change that when time came when we can enjoy our freedom, which we got after so many sacrifices, we started quarreling?

It’s very easy to make a villain and then trying to put all the blames on him. I suppose, the population who is reading this are the one who do not want to go and take-up sword while riot happens, I believe the majority of minorities and not only them but most of the people on this earth are more interested in employment, education and other progressive aspects of social life. If you belong to that population, try to find some details of the questions that I am putting out here:

a. Find out that in how many states, BJP is in power and try to assess the power of them being in Centre and then find the number of incidents, which had affected the communal harmony? Go, research and find that the accusations which opposition/media/you’re putting, how much of them are true if you go for facts, now if you just want to go on rhetoric, then this post is not for you. Go and find out about the minorities in Gujarat/Rajasthan/Madhya Pradesh and many other places where BJP is ruling and bring the incidents where minorities are being oppressed as opposition/media claimed would happen. Now, here do not get misguided or do not mislead others by putting incidents which are nowhere related to religion and comes in crime sector for any other ordinary citizen. If you’re not sure, then go, travel and find out for your future generations. Once this is done, go and find out the communal incidents actually happening in India and see who holds the power there. When you’ll reach here, you will start getting my point.

b. Before BJP, when Congress was there in power for all these years and I am not talking about a short-term time-span but after independence, think how you were treated. No idea? Find out. Go and find, what were your social status? Did you grow how you should have? There was not BJP, the only communal party as they say, so what went wrong? Here, the analysis can be ambiguous! As if you say that you were progressive, what is the point of terming you as oppressed when you were progressive for almost 60 years and if you say that you were actually oppressed, then who is the culprit here, was there any BJP at that time? Do not rub your mind, I will make it easy for you, read ‘Sacchar Committee Report’ which was prepared by the committee appointed by ‘Congress’.

c. Find out the liberal Muslims and then you will realize that the people who understood this, are living way good life and the people who got brainwashed are living what life, you can say it better. This intolerant P.M. kept ‘Syed Akbaruddin’ as his close aid and din;t remove him, if you will open your eyes, you will realize it.

2. Dalits/Lower Caste:
You people have come a long way of understandings and have shown politicians their place at times and because of you, I can now say that we are being called Hindus rather than being seen as different castes. I know, there are gaps and myself being a Rajput have seen this a lot of times and I know that it will take time to fill the gaps, especially in Bihar from where I belong but believe me my friend that when you will see a poor Brahmin studying 17 hours and not even getting a seat and still saying that it’s okay and if that Brahmin has played with your boy in your house since childhood, then after seeing the results of the exams he appeared, you will curse the government and you will only cry for him and encourage him for next exam. No one can guarantee our future but we; how the path should be, you only decide.

3. To Opposition/WannaBe Opposition:
Realize that things have changed; realize that people have chosen their leader. Prepare for 2024 and understand that I am not sarcastic but please try to make a better opposition. Try to be a factual critique because the way you people behave, even the acts, which can be criticized, are ignored. We would want a good opposition who can criticize when some people try to do moral policing or without reading ‘Geeta’, try to tell others what to do. Stop chanting ‘Modi Modi’ and get aligned when needed especially when it comes for National Security as we Indians are very sensitive for that matter. I and so many of my friends who had very little knowledge about Politics when we were in ‘Std. Vth’ in 1999, were literally begging people on road when we had to collect funds to send to our Jawans. So, understand the nerves, we are very sensitive and proud for our forces and integrity of our nation. Try to get along when it comes to ‘International platform’ with heart and believe me, people will start listening to you and then, try to prepare for 2024 with real agendas.

4. To BJP and BJP

a. Mr. Modi:
Dig, find and teach your successor. Despite having so many good leaders, I can’t see anyone who can lead after you. It’s just like having a good Cricket team but there are only few who are captain materials. Find your backup for us. We do not want a situation when Atal left and you had to fight a lot to get nominated, so much time and energy got wasted unnecessarily. It is possible that you would be doing it secretly and if that is the truth, then nothing to worry but if not the, understand that though till 2024, I can’t see anyone but after that, there will be time when the transition will be needed. Why, I am saying this is only because we do not want to see any ugly transition but he/she should be the one who respects you like you do for ‘Atal Ji’, to whom without any hustle, you can transform the power and responsibility and to whom, people can rely as much as they do for you.

b. BJP org and IT-cell:
Find some good spokesperson who can put forward points and rebutt on points; working people and journalist like ‘Swapan Da’ has to speak things what you should. Just putting posters on websites and unnecessary titles will only attract core voters and never ever mislead with distorting the facts, it becomes a nightmare for your leader to justify it later. Stop plagiarism and try to get your own material and if you are not able to do so, find another job.

5. To Pseudo-Liberals, Pseudo-Feminists, useless NGO owners and the 4th pillar of democracy (our media, our source of information):

a. This is for everyone in this section except Media: Get real guys, stop analyzing about poor people and minority’s rights in Five-Stars with the peg of champagne. Point out the differences when communism came and what it has become, fighting for you oppression and then start enjoying the arms in your hand with full political support at time when you can be the part of the system is a completely opposite concept and only you can narrate it better. You have the talent of writing and communicating which we do not have. Even in this article, I would have made hundreds of grammatical errors. You have this gift, use it, convey the proper message, there are already NGO’s setup; go and work for the cause it was made. Bring back your credibility, Re-write our History and you will always be the one who will get awards and we will always be the one who will cheer-up from crowd. Your money can become waste of paper anytime and this you would have realized on 8th Nov, so bring the legacy and respect back. Further, I lack the credentials and the vocabulary which can convince you people but yes, if you want to live in the same old times, then all the best. May sense prevail.

b.To Media: Nothing, you guys are intelligent, my words won’t matter to you. You do everything with consciousness and that includes your ‘Vilap’ of intolerance. Only one thing, you have the channel through which not in near times but in distant times, you can bring the time when people do not have to read 3-4 editorials to get the rational picture, when people can easily ignore the ‘Corrections Page’, when people will start thinking for any panelist as rational whom they see now as biased or they see an irritated anchor who is unable to hide the agenda. No one wants to research for hours for one news, so if you can bring the reliability back, the situation might change.

6. Last but not the least, to every citizen:
Try to oppose which is bad and have the guts to speak when it’s right. I know, there might be times when the family safety will be at risk and no one will accuse you anything for that but speak when your time comes. Do not support blindly or it will come to you one day and do not let others speak nonsense, support with national integrity and truth. Just for e.g. if we would have fought for ‘Sati Pratha’ or ‘Baal Vivah’ as religious practices then we would have never overcome or have omitted those. ‘Checks and Balances’ are very necessary but not with the mosquito of secularism/appeasement/sickness of showing as neutral but on real agendas. If you know things and if situation permits, talk.



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