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In an alternative India: India of Leftists and Liberals

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In an alternative universe, “entertainment is opium for masses”, said a leftist. He sat to extreme left when people were debating innovations, science, travelling around world, love, poetry, development, tragedy, statistics, facts and almost everything. He was always inert, as an expert only passed judgement, conclusions, statements, caused fights, disturbances and went back to extreme left. No wonder his ideology grew popular and his followers are called leftists.

In the same alternative universe, there was a land called Bharat, also called India, also called Hindustan, also Jambudweepa. Surprisingly its citizens weren’t confused by more than one name. It was a nation, where civilization that had survived for 7000 years. Strangely, there was no single state language or a language common to everyone. Adding to the stupidity the people had different cultures, but respected others’ culture. The people were highly patriotic but irresponsible. Dumb Indians were courageous yet peaceful, never aspired to enlarge their borders. Welcomed travelers, refugees, migrant even the invaders. They followed the co-operative, co-existent system which had developed through the course of the years of their civilization. Boring citizens weren’t much bothered about differences, showed integrity. At the same time strongest countries in the world were struggling to manage people of different cultures and places.

A popular left aside leftist decided to introduce some chaos and anarchy in India. He belonged to cream of the society. He created a nexus among his families and friends. Took them to higher positions and generations of their kin followed the same. They all had a cute desire ‘power, richness must always reside with them’. So they divided people and distracted from their looting process. They kept people photogenically poor so they can stamp their obsession for authority. They took precautions that scary words like growth and development aren’t much heard. With fear people might question their capabilities they gave awards, certificates to each other and acted smart. To prove their smartness they suggested foreign solutions to Indian problems and tried to convince hard India has no solutions. They hand-picked slaves and appointed to higher posts to facilitate their cause. The people left the leftists to do their job because they were too busy struggling, never understood leftist agenda.

The leftist had enjoyed their run for years. They promoted themselves as saviours of poor, killed whoever disagreed with them or suppressed the opposition because they were annoying.  Brilliancy was by just a few lies about running government and hiding facts from people they ensured no opposition developed. They planned to rewrite the history of India. They had to, as history was a dangerous place. On reading history a normal individual wouldn’t believe the leftists since he could understand the true foundations the country was built on. Glory would make him proud and he would learn lessons from dark times. So education was made easy by trimming the lengthy and uncomfortable history to distorted history. To tell fair tales and setting a narrative they followed old leftists guideline. They nurtured their dumbest slaves as filmmakers. Controlling entertainment would ensure controlling the narrative of masses. Also history, facts could easily be distorted. They infiltrated the entertainment sector with their family and friends didn’t allow any outsider to grow. Completely lefty style. Entertainment was easy as there were no demands. Blatantly copying all around the world was enough. Truth wouldn’t hurt them because they knew foolish audience who loved them. People were convinced that what they show is entertainment. Like other leftists they praised each other and elevated themselves to larger than life.

They were joined by liberals. This was the costliest hobby on the alternative earth, where they weren’t bound by any laws and rules of any country. Only they had liberty to do anything, say anything in the name of freedom and not others. The lies were easily manufactured at shops called media, who were obedient slaves.

The enemies found friends in these leftists. Lefties to give new challenges helped the enemy grow and establish in India. Enemy, who had an agenda of spreading its ideology all over the world, funded and helped to continue division and distraction. Opposition party which grew turned out misdirected left. Nature has its own way of balancing. Some started questioning and spoke what’s RIGHT. The questions were RIGHT and were the questions of majority of people. The unquestioned left nexus was shaken as it never happened before. How can left compromise comforts? The nexus came to play spreading the false narrative and claiming victim-hood. Exciting headline was majority questions the minority left. What happens in Bharat? Told or untold, known or not known, truth or lies. History repeats.

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