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Sitaram Yechury: Conservative or NonConformist?

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The sporadic speculations getting generated on the trot for the UP Elections 2017. Being a citizen, I would be rather more provocative. The issue of Triple Talaq has been hold to many discussions in the talk shows or news hours. Calling on to the debaters for accentuating the trite and predictable arguments, many a times, annoy the viewers. Being supportive on the issue of Triple Talaq make them succumb to altercations not solutions.

In that case, raking up the issue of Triple Talaq in rallies by demagogue in election mechanism is quite common. Taking a heed to the statements proposed by many opponents draws me to go against them. The other day, CPI(M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury has been in the limelight for acting against the development of the country. Even after the 34 years of rule in West Bengal, CPI(M) could maintain their ideology to the reformation of Bengal.

Politics is never short of allegations being put forward by many adjudicators. Many play the brain-game of vote bank politics. Those who are aware of the practices done in West Bengal under the rule of Communists, must be knowing of their dogma to retain vote bank. Many would not go on the inside story of west Bengal before TMC coming in power. Landowners wallowed under the face of Leninism doctrine of Communist Party. Their lands had been grabbed to muse of rapid growth of industrialization. Eventually, their lands used to be reverted back to the peasants which could be seen as whole movie of so called consolidating vote bank from the rural sector of the city-state. The questions strikes the helm, if everything was going so great, why did left lose so badly as it did where Muslims 25% of the population in Bengal?! Sitaram Yechury proposed a statement regarding BJP rising the issues of Triple Talaq before the elections in UP. This follows as

“The worst vote bank politics in this country in this country is played by the RSS and BJP.. that’s to consolidate the communal Hindu vote bank.”

BJP had raised the campaign against Triple Talaq, may be to attract Hindu vote bank. But one thing, If Uniform Civil Code is implemented in the country, will it be represented against the rights of Hindu or Muslim woman? Uniform Civil Code is a proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs designed by each major religious community in India. When to talk of communism, it has nothing to do with the religion. Communism is an ideology which was envisioned the German Scholar by Karl Marx whose aim was to base the peasants and Industry working class under a single authoritarian party.

Sitaram Yechury issued a posit saying the defeat of saffron party only when all secular forces come together. Now comes the question in which the fact lies. If he is firm on the belief of communism, Why is he so affected by the Hindu vote bank polity? He is only left to focus on the allegations that had been put forward in the form of a book which alleged the CPI(M) responsible behind the rising intolerance in the country. Giving counterfeit statements on the other issue is illegible. According to the resources available, BJP and CPI have never opposed the idea of Uniform Civil Code. But the statement issued by S.Yechury is  point-blank. Why did he relate a social issue with the practical science of democracy?

Communists were always in favor of the flawed ideology. Looking at the countries that have had communists rule and see how they have fared. USSR and Yugoslavia are no more. North Korea is focused on the building Hydrogen bombs and Moon mission rather than giving citizens their right to personal freedom. These countries followed always Leninism doctrine who wanted the rule of dictatorship unless the government got the unpopular(popular in their vision) support of the people. Out of all communists, Indian commies like Kavita Krishnan, Prakash Karat are the worst. Indian communists have had criticized any government in power since 1969.

May be the image of CPI(M) be hunky-dory in Kerala. After all, they have succeeded in creating their base. They did by doing for the state in favor of family planning, education programs, eco-tourism. But one day keep in mind to find the conservative approach in the name of communal polarization regarding any other political party. Even after working in favor of communism for so many years, Communist party could never come to governing power of India. BJP had never issued statements against any community but taking as a whole of a social cause, Triple Talaq produced to the need of uniform civil code. This idea has not proposed by any political leader but also by the citizens of India. Mr. Yechury talked of BJP to face its Triple Talaq but did not oppose Uniform Civil Code. He knew his conservative approach for Triple Talaq.

Mostly, political party abstains from commenting on the issue of Triple Talaq in contemplation that their vote banks will suffer. Even if Triple Talaq is abolished, Muslim vote banks will be in favor of BJP not CPI(M).

Six left parties including CPI and CPI(M) have decided jointly to contest elections in UP Assembly elections 2017.

One more important statement that issued by CPI state secretary post demonetization was to appeal all secular forces to fight against those involved in issue-less politics. Can they explain the gist of ‘issue-less politics’? They talk about unity where in their own party was divided due to  ideal differences of biased groups!

So let see where CPI or CPI(M) has not got any seat in Uttar Pradesh till date. Will they be able to even gain a single seat even by their joint ally or not? This is to be told after the poll results.

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