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Bhakts or haters, who will win?

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SATIRE is my ATTIRE I am a young writer with fresh and intriguing thoughts subsuming radical thinking. Mighty pen not the sword will bring the revolution!

From last two years, people in the country can clearly be seen divided either in extreme favour or against PM Narendra Modi. Their talks and thoughts have become Modi centric. India now witnesses division of people on the basis of ‘Modi Bhakts’ or ‘Modi haters’. These two classes are brand new and irritating too! The most interesting fact is that even in a family too, this discrimination is clearly evident. People of any family are divided when it comes to Modi and that is producing an altogether different picture of Indian society. There arise some very crucial questions which need to be answered.

Who are Bhakts and haters?

‘Bhakts’ as they are said notoriously, are the ones who are believed to be the blind supporters of PM Modi. They are supposed to accept and support each and everything Modi or BJP says and every policy/law formulated by Modi government seems to be a ‘shloka’ from Gita to them. They declare every policy of Modi government incorrigible without careful and unbiased examination just because it is formulated by their almighty. They do not spare any platform to celebrate any successful or unsuccessful policy of the Modi government, appreciate any step taken by government, they trend right from twitter to facebook to roads and are sometimes nasty to handle.

On the other hand, haters are the part of that herd of people who refer to themselves as ‘intellectuals’. They seem to be the only ones who want to save mother India from the wicked assaults of monster Modi. Alike bhakts they also can be seen anywhere, be it facebook or twitter, to overtly oppose any policy of Modi government, that too not by unbiased critical examination but just because of their personal hate or disguise they share with Modi. These haters face constant atrocities and altercations with bhakts in a futile battle to prove Modi right or wrong.

Why this trend has got a buzz?

The trend of hate or blind faith in the prime leader of the country is not very new, in fact, in the backdrop, other leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Indira Gandhi and others also had to face this contrast from masses but now due to the advent of social media platforms, people feel free to express anything and everything which strikes their mind and almost eleven crore Indian population can react to it(this is the number of Indians active on social media platforms), making social media a hot site for both Bhakts and haters. Moreover, besides social media, the extremism is served by political parties and their activists themselves. They trap many innocent people in bait of penny and on their behalf spread whatever is in favour of their respective parties. Many instances of paid news, tweets and posts on social media could be noticed and a sniff of support by political parties is evident of the fact that it is political parties and their leaders behind the curtains who are happy go lucky with the extremism going on in the country.

In search of other probable reasons, we cannot ignore the fact that after an eternally long time, finally people have got a PM to talk about. His precedent, who reigned for ten boring years was actually not enticing to people because he did not talk too much, neither he boasted too much, moreover he was inarticulate and lacked independency as complained by people. Modi has got every feature which titillates bhakts and at the same time is repugnant to haters. He is the most verbose leader world has ever seen which arises the feeling of extremism in people. One more reason which cannot be overlooked is that after thirty long years, any political party was able to clinch full majority on its own, that too not because party leaders had improved dramatically, but because of its PM candidate. So it is obvious that the huge support behind him was provided by bhakts and that support is astir even today. It seems like the ‘bhakti’ and hate is going to continue at least till 2019.

What comprises of Bhakts and haters?

Actually, Bhakts and haters are new evolution but their gestation goes back to the time when Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, his stint as Gujarat CM for twelve and a half years has shown his capabilities as a leader and the development that has allegedly taken place in Gujarat in those years has attracted many ones. Those supporters in these years have grown more violent, more supportive than ever and after his aggressive campaign in 2014, many have transformed from supporters to bhakts. These bhakts includes activists of BJP, hard core supporters of Modi, haters of congress and Rahul Gandhi, also the ones who live in dreams are Bhakts!

Talking about haters many people who think that the defaced side of Gujarat at the time when Modi was CM has not been properly shown, those who still cannot recover from 2002 riots and think they happened because of Modi, those who think Modi is a dictator, supporters of political parties other than BJP and specially supporters of Aam Admi Party have reserved their seats in hater’s quota.

Nowadays, many eminent personalities, many film stars and prize winners have supported or rejected Modi because of his strict and bitter decisions; they have accused him of being affected with overconfidence and ignorance of others.

Keeping religion as a point of view in mind, Hindus have particularly supported Modi more than people belonging to any other religion and they are the ones who have much hastily transformed in bhakts, other minorities and Muslims in particular have turned their back to Modi because they have conception in their minds that Modi cares more about Hindus in particular. Earlier they opposed Modi but they are haters now.

Should one be either Bhakt or hater?

Bhakts and haters show intense feelings and they are emotionally driven. They are full of emotions, not thoughts while they discuss any policy of Modi government. They support and oppose any policy by government just because Modi is included in it, not on its merit. Amidst of this entire tumultuous contest, they have forgotten their nation. They have forgotten that nation is greater and more important than a person. They listen to any policy, any decision by the government with biased perception. People have lost rational arguments and are just finding ways of how to make their opponents run out of words. They are chuffed with verbal victories, not logical one. They have become aggressive, lost their modesty which has affected their thinking and critical analysis of any policy of government. Moreover they have become intolerant of any other’s views and are not ready to even listen to others. They use word play, vulgar and every other thing they must not do. People should understand that leaders will come and go, parties will win and lose but the nation is a constant entity.

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SATIRE is my ATTIRE I am a young writer with fresh and intriguing thoughts subsuming radical thinking. Mighty pen not the sword will bring the revolution!
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