Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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SATIRE is my ATTIRE I am a young writer with fresh and intriguing thoughts subsuming radical thinking. Mighty pen not the sword will bring the revolution!

Green Urban Mobility Scheme – Challenges ahead

Recently approved Green Urban Mobility Scheme by the cabinet will address much required urban mobility needs of cities.

Soil Health Card scheme at a glance after two years

A great scheme, Soil Health Card, is dying day by day due to its poor implementation. And very less time is remaining now in the completion of time frame provided by the government.

Cruelty with animals under the umbrella of tradition

Does our ancient culture have really supported Jallikattu? It has not! Find out how and why.

Bhakts or haters, who will win?

Bhakts and haters show intense feelings and they are emotionally driven and logic or fact driven. They support and oppose any policy by government just because Modi is included in it, not on its merit.

Politics over suicide, the last thing expected.

A view on the OROP issue

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