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Politics over suicide, the last thing expected.

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SATIRE is my ATTIRE I am a young writer with fresh and intriguing thoughts subsuming radical thinking. Mighty pen not the sword will bring the revolution!


Disappointment for ex-servicemen again, as a serious issue has been dumped in the politics-bin of India once again, thanks to some really responsible political leaders of India.

In a heartbreaking event which took place on 2 November 2016, Ram Kishan Grewal, ex-serviceman of Indian Army committed suicide, the reason for the same is not clear but a plethora of conjectures about the galore of  probable  reasons have fired up.

Ex serviceman, political parties and their serpent leaders came out of their bills to spill the poison of hate and disgrace in the hearts of ex-servicemen for Modi Government. Here is a tweet by the ‘everything’ of Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Being an informed citizen one will be aghast, taken aback with astonishment that Rahul Gandhi has said that. Still confused about what I am talking of! Please have a look at some very ‘responsible’ steps treaded forward by Congress, same Congress whose Vice President is none other than Rahul Gandhi, here are some steps taken by the Congress and their leaders:

1973: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi terminated OROP for veterans in an ex-prate decision, the legal definition of which implies that it was taken to favour only one party.

1986: Indira Gandhi’s son and Former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, in another move, had implemented rank pay for army officers. However, the section disapproved it as it affected their basic pay and designation.

2002: Congress President Sonia Gandhi had advocated the OROP demand at a rally in Chandigarh. However, despite being in power for the next 12 years, the Congress dilly-dallied on the implementation of the scheme.

2004:  The Congress, in its manifesto, had mentioned that the issue of OROP will be scrutinised and a solution will be obtained. As a part of the UPA I and the UPA II government, the Congress could not implement their manifesto promise. Keeping this in mind, Rahul Gandhi cannot question the Modi government over the non-implementation of OROP using the “election manifesto” argument.

2008: Following resentment, the UPA government replaced rank pay with apex OROP, which proved to be a further setback for the veterans. Also, in a written reply to Kalraj Mishra, the then Defence Minister AK Antony had said that the Government has not found Ex-Servicemen’s demand for OROP as acceptable.

2011: The Bhagat Singh Koshyari committee submitted a report to the UPA government on OROP. But the UPA government had said that there were ‘administrative, financial and legal complications in implementation of the OROP scheme.’

2012: The UPA government approved OROP but declared that it will not set aside Rs 2,300 Crore.

2014: OROP however, was not implemented while the UPA allocated only Rs 500 crore in its last budget. Last year, Rahul Gandhi had claimed that the NDA Government was blocking the provisions which the-then UPA Government had made for the implementation of OROP


It may be noted that the veterans were receiving OROP until 1971, the year when the Indira Gandhi government cut down military pension from 70 percent of the last pay drawn to 50 percent of the last pay drawn and increased – simultaneously – the pension of the civil servants from 30 percent of the last pay to 50 percent.
It is obvious that the UPA government made a half-hearted attempt to woo the veterans, that too just on the eve of the 2014 elections. Otherwise, how can one explain the Manmohan Singh government’s calculation that the OROP would cost between Rs 1,000 to 1,600 crore? Therefore, it is sheer dishonesty when Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi and AK Antony say that it is “we who accepted the principle of OROP and NDA is only implementing it.”

One should ask  Rahul Gandhi where he was when all this happened, he could have said something against the actions UPA government was taking which added to ex-servicemen’s agonies, but his silence prevailed which shows how much he cares about them.The same Rahul Gandhi who blamed Govt. for Khoon ki Dalali” is now doing ” Politics over suicide”.

Now, talking about the one who loves to intrude in almost any issue whether he knows something about it or not, Arvind Kejriwal also jumps in the battle as he did what he does most of the time, he talks about the failures of Modi Govt. Why the hell on earth he is following what Congress use to do? Can’t he see that only criticism and doing nothing has slumped Congress from zenith to nadir.

Why not Delhi govt. do something more than just dispensing off one crore rupees to the deceased ex-army man and honouring him with Shaheed title? Why can’t they launch a programme on their own which is aimed at securing future of ex-army men, at least for those belonging to Delhi. They can provide them jobs, free schooling to their kids, free health care for their families etc. which will really show how eager they are to give everyone what they deserve as tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal:

Now, talking about the actions and reactions of Govt. on this disappointing incidence, Govt. is not ready to accept it was their fault, as it is constantly reiterating that it was a mistake committed by SBI Bhivani branch in calculating the income of deceased.

Ministry sources said Grewal had received a lesser amount as part of the One Rank-One Pension scheme under the 6th pay commission due to an error in calculation by the SBI bank branch in Bhiwani district of Haryana

The other reasons might also pop up, but the opportunist politicians of India, the seasonal ones have misused and exploited the issue for their own interest.

According to Govt., Grewal was a beneficiary of OROP according to 6th pay commission. Now, having a look at what Manohar Parrikar, the Defence Minister tweeted:

This is really a welcome step taken by the government, but whatever government is spending should reach the needy ones otherwise the protest will carry on and on…

Summing up, everyone is blaming everyone and nobody is thinking for ex-servicemen. All of them are just enjoying their cup of tea. No one is doing anything on his own, but just blaming others. This has now become the very nature of Indian politics, a very sad picture!

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SATIRE is my ATTIRE I am a young writer with fresh and intriguing thoughts subsuming radical thinking. Mighty pen not the sword will bring the revolution!
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