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Why the recent outrage over a name ‘Taimur’ is genuine enough

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Imagine, some celebrity couple in the United States, names their kid after Osama, or one here in India, names their kid after Nathuram, and you would understand that the outrage over “Taimur Ali Khan” name is not so uncalled for.

It takes more than just “My Life My Choice” kind of attitude to grow and maintain the needed social harmony in a multi cultural, historically wounded society. However, many people are  providing intellectual  shield for Saif’s/ Kareena’s clearly insensitive, irresponsible and disgraceful act of glorifying one of the most cruel figures in the history, who massacred 17 million people.

Apparently hypnotized with the optics of liberalism, such people fail to acknowledge that, “Individual Liberty”, “Someone’s Own Choice”, “Freedom Of Speech”, are practically not limitless, and may have some legitimate exceptions as well. Also, when such people flaunt these rudimentary instruments of “intellectualism”, they only highlight their intellectual infancy!

That said, expecting caution from celebrities (even in their personal discourse) isn’t unfair, because whatever they do, affects masses, they could give credibility to the things held even taboo (yes, naming kids with war like words is forbidden in Islam) to the extent of being pervasive, at least in the same ethnic/religious community. Most importantly, there has been a tendency among the youth from uneducated sections to find their heroes (on the religious lines) in these dominant historical figures, and when celebrities knowingly or unknowingly glorify those figures, they unintentionally lend support to such a religiously fanatic tendency, and it goes without saying, such tendencies stand against the aspirations of a progressive society.

It cannot be discounted either, that the couple just had an ignorant affection towards a great sounding name “Taimur” (means steel, iron in the context of valor, war), because Kareena is reported to have repeatedly said that, Saif is a history buff. So, by any measures, this is an act of sheer disrespect towards India and its people, and is clearly condemnable.

If tolerance meant not reacting to one of our own carelessly and brutally disregarding the history (and the wounds), then let’s react and afford to become a bit “intolerant” for a while!

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