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The real story of crocodiles and small fishes in relation to demonetization

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i help keeping logic alive in this world

A stupid analogy to demonetization is doing rounds on the internet. The analogy says the water is dried in the pond to kill crocodiles, but the crocodiles live on land as well. Hence the small fishes in the pond have died.

Well as stupid as this analogy is, I have a different view. And this I think is the better analogy for what is happening right now:

The water is not dried in the pond. It is exchanged with colder and chilled water. So that the crocodiles have to dig a hole and are forced to go into hibernation. These are difficult conditions for a crocodile’s survival. And the fishes are given a chance to shift to a warmer fresh water lake through a small pipe.

As the fishes are in the allowed size limit (the pipe; the banking system), they migrate to the warmer habitat, while crocodiles are big and they have to stay back. They are rattled and worried.

It’s an inconvenience for the fishes. But they still want to do it. They have suffered enough from the crocodiles.

This is not easy to understand for them who don’t know shit about crocodiles.


The fishes are now awaken. The authorities have to take series of steps so that the pond remains cold and the crocodiles are forced to remain in a forever hibernation mode.

Crocodiles know that things can improve if winter is seen through. Hot sun will rise (massive protests by opposition) and save the crocodiles from the cold water. To make sure things don’t get worse, they need the fishes to stay back, so that more chilled water is not added by the authorities.

So they try to confuse the fishes. They stop them from going to the warmer fresh water lake. They want to portray themselves as the spokesperson of the fishes. They cry for their inconvenience. And they say that fishes have died.


However, it also for the fishes to understand that even if crocodiles cry, it’s the tears of a crocodile.

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i help keeping logic alive in this world

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