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Dear fellow countrymen, India is at war, and it in an internal war

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इथूनच शब्दांच्या हाती मी खड्ग देत आहे | इथूनच शब्दांच्या हाती मी फुले ठेवत आहे || - नारायण सुर्वे (चार शब्द) Hereon let my words wield the sword, Hereon let my words carry flowers - Poet: Narayan Surve

Dear fellow countrymen,

Dear people of India,

Knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively, by choice or by force… you are at war.

If you take some time aside (may be waiting in a Bank’s queue) and look back at what happened in last 5 years, you will see, you were always part of an ongoing war. And this was not a war against Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi. Nor is this a war between BJP and Congress, or between Modi and Nitish, or between Kejriwal and Anna, or between the so called Deshbhakts and Deshdrohis.

It was always, between “people and establishment”.

Whatever may be the name. call it Corruption or Black-money or Intolerance or Ban. Like they fought a “mayavi rakshasa” in Ramayana-Mahabharata, you were fighting the same establishment in different forms.


The “establishment” is that small group of influential people who manipulate us, trick us, exploit us and worse, take us for granted. The babu’s in government office who forces you to believe that a files won’t move to next table until we put some “weight” on it are establishment.

The real estate builders which artificially increase the land prices so we keep paying pay EMI as long as we live, is the establishment. The nexus of News traders, Bollywood stars and Corporate marketers, which tells you what is cool, what to eat, what to wear, and what to “think”, is the establishment. It is the very establishment which pulls strings behind the curtain and makes you believe in a viewpoint that would suit “them”.

I repeat, the war was never against an individual or a political party… it was always against, and will be against the establishment.


Make no mistake.. in this war, you have been winning step by step, inch by inch. With every small win you are growing stronger. The establishment would try to convince you otherwise. It will portray everything as a common-man’s loss. That’s how establishment functions. That’s how establishment survives and thrives! But the reality is other way round. The establishment is receding, common man is winning.

Your first win was nearly 5 years ago, when you didn’t have any leader, any ray of hope, and still you came together nationwide, hailing ordinary people amongst us like Anna, Kejriwal, Bedi as leaders. This was not the fight against the then PM Manmohan Singh. Rather Manmohan Singh was the least part of it. It was against that covert enemy called establishment.

You won again, and how! By making a person with humble origins – a Chaiwala – the PM of India, by a historical majority. This was not BJP’s win; BJP meant nothing if there was no Modi. The Delhi BJP leadership itself was not very keen to welcome an outsider like Modi. You did not make BJP win against Congress; that would have been pretty ordinary! You rather scripted a historic win. You thrust a PM who did not belong to the establishment, in the very heart of establishment! The historians of future will judge this as one of the biggest turning point in the journey of India.

The establishment could not bear this insult. It sulked, it got bitter and angry. It tried some tantrums like award-wapasi or intolerance or JNU. And you showed them their place that would have made Mahatma Gandhi – the father of this nation – proud. Not once did you come on streets to burn buses or hurl stones. You simply unsubscribed Snapdeal to protest Amir Khan or downrated Barkha’s book on Amazon or boycotted Karan Johar’s films.

That did the trick. Now Amir’s wife hasn’t asked him to leave the country ever since. Barkha is slowly finding her true place in journalism. And Karan rather than sipping coffee with star-putra’s, is doing awful acts on camera (don’t get me wrong here), but he is making tearful appearances in a vow to his Desh-bhakti. I won’t be surprised if his next film is remake of Kranti or Pukar!

And now has the war reached the next level. An altogether new level. A person outside the establishment has taken a very daring, bold step by Demonetizing (word-of-the-week !) 500/1000 Rs note. He has risked everything he has on this; his classical vote base was the small-traders who traded in cash, they are not gonna be happy, his party members, like other politicians, would have stashed black money at secret places, they will be extremely unhappy. The Real-estate land-sharks, who trade hugely in black and who fund political parties during elections, they would turn vengeful.

We must realize that if the decision was in discussion for some 6 months, any leak in this information in this time would have even costed the life of PM! When recently PM said that “they may kill me for doing this” (and he hasn’t spoken like this ever before); I feel there was an element of truth in it and not mere “Nautanki” as supporters of an another leader who hasn’t done anything else in life, would like us to believe. The PM has risked his vote-base, his party-men and even his life to take this decisive step on the establishment.

Today once again the establishment will act again cunningly and deceptively. It will show “solidarity” with you by standing with you in the bank-queues under hot Sun for 10 minutes (it did not matter when people sit in their rallies under the same hot Sun), or it will peddle the same shameless lies without any proof like “yeh ek bahot badi sajish hai jee” or “this is the biggest scam”.

They will shed false tears for you. They will run news stories discrediting the PM by circulating fake images on Whatsapp and Twitter. God forbid, but worse may happen! But just  know that those who are opposing this step of demonetization would do it for some reason. And what could be more possible reason unless they or their friends have black-money?

Just play it cool, like you have always been, as the establishment is crumbling.

Also posted on my personal blog.

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Sandeep Patilhttp://www.sandeeppatil.co.in
इथूनच शब्दांच्या हाती मी खड्ग देत आहे | इथूनच शब्दांच्या हाती मी फुले ठेवत आहे || - नारायण सुर्वे (चार शब्द) Hereon let my words wield the sword, Hereon let my words carry flowers - Poet: Narayan Surve

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