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Surgical Strikes – When things go wrong its PM’s fault, but no credit when things are good?

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To Begin with let’s not kid ourselves and accept the fact that we as human beings love to take credit for some work done. Be it a common sales executive for his incentives or a minister to get some votes. Taking credit is not new nothing to be ashamed of. I will be surprised if someone who does not want to take credit for the work done.

So, Rahul Gandhi & the Congress have problems with the Narendra Modi Led NDA government taking credit for the surgical strike. To be honest I haven’t seen any BJP minister taking credit for the Surgical Strikes let alone PM Narendra Modi. Yeah there have been BJP leaders including DM Manohar Parrikar who have gloated about the surgical strike, but never took credit.

So, what’s so wrong in taking credit? If a Vemula in Hyderabad commits suicide due to yet to established reason, Mr. PM should responsible and credit, but not for the Surgical Strike which was executed under his direct leadership. If a Akhlaq is killed in UP, Mr. PM should be responsible and credit, but not for giving the political backing to the armed forces to reply to Pakistan in the language they understand. For every terrorist attack, be it Pathankot, Udhampur, Uri, etc. Mr.PM should be held responsible (rightly so) and be taunted for the 56” chest claims. But when Mr. PM decides to take action and retaliate against enemy, the same Mr. PM is not allowed to take responsibility and boast of his 56” Chest.

I mean what the hell?? Since Independence in 1947, apart from the 1st generation of independent India, every Indian has been brain washed into believing that it was Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru & Congress which fought for India’s Independence. What sort of farce is this? Congress and its leaders can take all the credit they want for independence but a Prime Minister cannot even say that we have finally grown a spine to reply to the enemy in the language it understands? What kind of hypocrisy is this?

There have been screenshots of various claims made RaGa & Congress taking credit for Indian independence to bringing computers to India to bringing mobile revolution of India. To them I want to ask, if you want credit for all the above why not take credit to IPKF blunder of then PM Rajiv Gandhi which resulted in death of 1200 Indian Soldiers? Why not take credit for 1984 riots where close to 8000 Sikhs were massacred all over the country?

I am willing to even forget the above, but what allows the Indian National Congress party (by the way this isn’t even the original Congress Party of Gandhi & Nehru) to appropriate the sacrifices of thousands of Freedom Fighters for Indian independence. Surprisingly, British Officially ruled India from 1858 to 1947, though they started enslaving Indian’s from early 1600’s, Gandhi arrived in India in July 1914 almost 75 years after British Officially started ruling India, but  is credited with Indian Independence ahead of various Freedom Fighters like, Rani Velu Nachiyar (1730 – 1796), Puli Thevar (1715 – 1767), Maruthu Pandiyar (1748 – 1801), Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856 – 1920), VO Chidmabaram Pillai (1872 – 1936, and on and on it goes. The list can be seen here. Point is why are the above listed freedom fighters and activists never remembered? Why is it that only a Gandhi & a Nehru is credited with Indian Independence??

Congress suddenly is feeling the pressure that it’s almost 2.5 years in govt. and there is not a single case of graft against the NDA government. The Cowardly act of terrorism was the only saving grace for CONgress to attack the government. And attack they did, what with all sundry of Congress measuring PM’s chest size. But with this Surgical Strike, Mr. PM has fulfilled his commitment of giving “Desh Nahi Jhukne Dunga”. So Mr. Rahul Gandhi, if you can appropriate the sacrifice of thousands of freedom fighters and credit your so called “Lineage”, the PM and by extension the government has all the right to claim credit to the Political Backing long missing to the Armed Forces.

Remember there was never an iota of doubt on the capabilities and willingness of the Armed Forces, what was missing was the Leadership to deal with the consequences if any.



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