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Please stop playing politics over the Army, India may not survive this!

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I will start with this very beautiful and old quote

“I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleep under the blanket of very freedom that i provided and then question the manner in which i provide it”

It suits so perfectly for our armed forces. I totally believe in this quote. But recently, our invincible Indian army is facing a new kind of problem. Neither it’s terrorism issue nor Pakistan’s issue because army is used to, of these problems. This problem I am talking about lies with in our borders. Problem is “Our politicians raised finger over army.” And it’s very dangerous for any country.

Because our army as we all know is deprived of my important gadgets if we compare it to Israel’s or USA’s forces. But they hardly complain about these things. What they just ask for is trust and respect from its countrymen’s and policymakers. They certainly deserve more respect. After all, it is our army that has defeated Pakistan four times over the last several decades. For a few votes more, India’s politicians are destroying their army’s reputation.

The Indian Army launched a surgical strike in POk on the late night of 28 Sep, going 3-6 km deep inside the area, destroying seven-eight terror camps and killing around 50 jihadis, including several Pakistani Army persons. This number may even be hundred. As a result more than 300 jihadis including L-e-T head Hafiz Saeed have run away from POK to the main land of Pakistan.

Everybody were so thrilled and happy in India since after the press conference by DGMO Army, regarding the surgical strike. It was like this for 2 days and then Kejriwal, CM of Delhi opened his dirty mouth, again as usual and filth was all over the media. Immediate, after him Sanjay Nirupam from Congress came out from his hideout , then his boss Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, educated illiterate Kapil Sibal and so on. All these politicians have questioned this strike and calling it fake. Needless to say Pakistani media has picked it up and out of these netas Kejriwal, is the real hero of Pakistani media who is demanding that Modi Government must provide proof of this strike. Seriously ? I thought, I have seen the lowest point of Indian politics and I was damm sure they cant go more low but they proved me wrong again. This whole mess is the lowest of our political establishment and they really don’t care about its impact on our armed forces.

Kejriwal asked for a proof of surgical strike. I don’t think he is wrong because since the video of his minister Sandeep’s sex scandal came out , Kejriwal’s expectations of getting videos has increased drastically. Can someone please tell him that surgical strikes aren’t a reality show which are carried out under CCTVs. Why should we disclose video clips and other proof? How can we make Army secrets public? It is a question of national security and it will be against national interest.

In the past India had submitted evidence for the Mumbai terror attack and Pathankot attack and many more. Has anything happened? What action Pakistan has taken against the culprits? How long will we keep giving in to their demands? Now, we will respond only through action, not through words or evidence. The US had not released video clips or any other documents on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Usually, such things do not go public, and US never gave any proof of its Abetabaad Operation, only because of tactical reasons. And still whole world believed it.

The Army would have some evidences and they must have handed it over to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister can use his discretion on whether it should be made public or not. It’s his choice whether he will make the evidences public or not. But I would say no and why should he ? We don’t have to answer anybody for this. Our 19 soldiers were martyred in Uri attack and we were forced to strike back. We did strike back and now they are asking for evidences? Is this a joke or what ? However, Pakistan denied any such operation and said that only two of its soldiers were killed in the cross-border firing that took place during the night.

But recent development in Pakistan proved that surgical strike did take place and they are scared of happening it again. Let me explain – the entire Pakistan, its Army, its Government and its media is in denial mode as is their habit. More than 9 days have passed and Pakistani Army has not retaliated so it is clear that they are afraid of further escalating the conflict. Because if they retaliate then our army also will go in and this conflict may lead to war. By denying that India launched any such strike they get a way out of not to react militarily and save face.

The recent Baramulla jihadi attack of theirs which was a hurriedly launched botched up operation proves the point that this surgical strike did take place and their reply will be not through military but in the form of terror attacks.

Further proof of this strike having taken place is the way Pakistan rushed the international media to the place of occurrence. Where was the need to do it? Hafiz Saeed, the L-e-T head, even demanded their Army to be given a free hand by their government against India. Why? Our case is that, we acted not against Pakistan, but POK which is illegally occupied by Pakistan and against the jihadis, who were using Pakistani land to carry out terror attacks on us because Pakistani Army was not doing it

Meanwhile, a report in the Indian Express published on October 5, claimed to have eyewitness accounts admitting that the strike took place and the fact that the bodies of those killed were loaded onto trucks for secret burials. Later the same evening, CNN-News 18 carried a report which claimed that disclosures by Ghulam Akbar, SP of Mirpur range in PoK, admitting that surgical strikes took place in the early hours of September 29. Thinking that he was speaking to his Superior IG Mushtaq, Ghulam Akbar, SP (Special Branch) of the Mirpur Range in PoK, revealed details about the strike. The report further claimed that bodies of terrorists were also removed by the Pakistan military. The SP also said the Pakistan Army had taken away the dead bodies in ambulances, adding that they may have been buried in villages. Akbar also claimed that five Pakistan Army men had died, which contradicts Pakistan’s claim that two soldiers had died in the cross-firing. The report also had Akbar admitting, among other things, that the Pakistan army ‘facilitated’ jihadi movement in advanced positions.

Large number of countries including America and Russia who have the satellite facilities to counter check Indian claim of surgical strikes, have not only believed Indian claim but have supported Indian effort. Russian president Vladimir Putin has gone to the extent of saying that India did the right thing and has its right to self defense. Surely, Putin will not be saying this until his satellite imagery has confirmed about this strike.

It is true that with the modern technology available, this entire episode of the strike by Indian Army has been recorded. All the proofs are available. They however cannot be put under public domain because there will be more such strikes in future and we do not want Pakistani Army to know our modus operandi.

I ask all the politicians to “keep politics aside,” and to refrain from doing anything that might cause India’s armed forces to feel shame.

First thing they should remember is that Indian army is apolitical. It does not endorse any political party. India has fought wars of 1947, 1962, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Most of these wars were fought under congress and one was under BJP rule. No one till date asked any proof of these military actions. Even in 2015 surgical strike against terror camps in Myanmar by Indian army, no proof was asked. But by asking proof this time, these politicians have doubted their own army and the country. If we love our country we cant allow such things.

We trust our army, we trust our soldiers and we stand by them. Of course, they crossed the LoC routinely to neutralise terrorists; several former generals of the army vouch for this. We don’t need any evidences. It was a military operation against terrorist not a Hindi movie that they want to see a trailer,which needs to be released. Security matters cannot be shown publicly, no nation gives the proof of such strikes. The reason this time Govt has given the information to media is because India wanted to send a strong message to Pakistan and to the world that India is capable of retaliating. It should be kept a secret as it may reveal our modus operandi.

People of India must identify all those political parties and their leaders who have questioned the Army on an issue which is so sensitive for India. India can survive with dishonest, discredited political leaders, a media without principles, but it cannot have its military, one of the most revered institutions, shrinking in public esteem.

The Prime Minister must intervene quickly and put a stop to the politicisation of the action of the forces. Everyone loses something in this circus. The BJP risks losing credibility, the Congress whatever little political capital it was left with, and the AAP the one chance at proving its maturity. Most dangerously, the Indian Army may lose a little more of its apolitical aura. Please stop this nonsense at once.

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