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Mr. Anurag Kashyap, you are wrong, and this is why you’re wrong

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Rucha Dhakras
Rucha Dhakras
Practising Lawyer based in Nagpur. Occasional Blogger With An Interest in Socio Legal and Political Scenario.

“Fundamentally Reluctant” is what Anurag Kashyap’s bio says. I say given his recent stupid rants against the Prime Minister and Government at large he better change it to “Fundamentally Ill”. As only a brain dead person would question the PM on an action his government never initiated. What this esteemed director tried is nothing new to Bollywod: “Fake Activism + Fake Patriotism = Bollywood’s intellectually dead class”. For those among Bollywood for whom saying “By The Way” Bharat Mata Ki Jai not only need medical treatment, they need brain surgery.

This individual is mostly known for his “Drunk Rants”. But then on the eve of Oct 15, suddenly claiming that he is not under any alcoholic influence tweeted that  PM must apologize for visiting Pakistan , same time ; he claims when KJo’s movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil started filming. Now, this director compares making of a movie to the diplomacy undertaken by GOI for the benefit of the nation? He wants the PM to apologize for his visit to Pakistan which actually told the world that despite New Delhi wanting peace and despite Delhi’s repetitive efforts of harbouring peace between the two nations?

It was Pakistan who continued to use “Terror” as policy against India, does he not know? This visit of Prime Minister and the diplomatic follow up ensured that world stands behind India when our brave jawans carried out the surgical strike across LoC. Someone need to remind the Bollytards, get your act together and make sure you don’t please your “Secular Masters” by speaking against PM Modi for no fault of his and thereby doing a publicity stunt.

Anurag Kashyap also wants the PM to provide protection (against what, only God knows) and ensure smooth filming of the film and take away the ban! Now, Mr Kashyap, when was the movie banned at all? Did Censor board ban it? No! Did the Government ban it? No! Did any CM of particular state banned it? No! Then how on earth are you, Mr. Kashyap claiming that the movie is banned because there are Pakistani artists acting in the movie?! No one has banned the movie until now.

Yes, the film associations who thought that at a time when there are stressed relations between India & Pakistan, when our jawans are being killed by Terroristan, when there is continuous firing from across LoC, when our innocent civilians are killed, we should stand behind our soldiers and our Government. But for monetary gains, you falsify your claims and target the PM for visiting Pakistan? Anyway, people would have ensured a silent protest by boycotting the film if it was to be released today in Cinemas and those associations sensed the mood and rightly so, instead of making loss, they decided not to release any such film that pictures Pakistani artists.

The people of this country are angry, Mr. Kashyap! We are fed up of these Pakistani stooges earning money and rising to fame here in our motherland and spending the same money indirectly funding ISI (as taxes) who is hell bent on destroying my motherland. MY MOTHERLAND, BTW MR. KASHYAP, MY MOTHERLAND.  It has become a fashion for these publicity hungry stars to speak something under the influence of alcohol and then later retracting their statements. Just so in Mr. Kashyap’s case, he deleted his tweets. Never forget dear, Bollytards, it’s the people of India who make you and its only the people of India who can unmake you. Don’t forget what happened to SRK and his film Dilwale. Don’t forget that Snapdeal had to replace Aamir Khan.

And to top it all of this director of a senseless movie of Bombay Velvet want PM to apologize to nation for visiting Pak on tax payers money?! Really, Mr. Kashyap? That’s height of stupidity! Do these people really know how the system works? It’s high time, Mr.Kashyap that Bollytards like you must really understand first the polity of this nation , get yourself acquainted with the administration of this country and how it functions , then speak. Or you end up making fool of yourself!

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Rucha Dhakras
Rucha Dhakras
Practising Lawyer based in Nagpur. Occasional Blogger With An Interest in Socio Legal and Political Scenario.
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