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Minorities Commission turns blind for the human rights of Kairana Hindus

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Hemant Bijapurkar
Hemant Bijapurkar
Contributor at, Wish to write a great trilogy someday!

The exodus of about 250 Hindu families from Kairana which was confirmed by the National Human Rights Commission has been flatly denied by the National Commission for minorities as reported in the Times of India.

This incident is a classic example of Minorities rights superseding human rights of the Hindus. This is a big problem as if a person faces any form of discrimination he is at a disadvantage as compared to others but if someone’s human rights are violated his whole existence is threatened. And our Minority commission completely ignored them to maintain it’s political correctness.

Also let’s not even get into how painful the exodus from the land of which one has generations of memories is.

The Minority commission has been reduced to functioning as a vassal to promote the classic victim-hood narrative of raising issues like protesting hate speech, persecution by cow vigilantes and the other usual stuff while completely stifling voices which question the sins of the minority.

We should remember that the Minority commission is appointed by the government even if it functions as per the UN charter. And it blatantly contradicting the NHRC report which on paper is endorsed by the PM and HM as they are part of the commission would result in nothing but a reduction in its own credibility.

Though having said that, no one thinks the commission functions with a sociopath logic and it must have some justification albeit partial, distorted or incomplete. In this case they came to the conclusion as quoted in TOI, by talking to the local people and the local administration. That’s where the problem lies as the local people(willingly or out of fear) and the administration(which turned a blind eye to the exodus) might hardly be impartial characters. And anyway everyone interprets facts differently as per their orientation, belief and acumen.

The fact remains that they have completely denied the existence of the incident ever having taken place and have place no onus on anybody. The complete denial by the Minority commission would not help the Muslims and would further alienate them from the majority. What is more sad is that the commission didn’t even try to attribute the incident to particular individuals, while avoiding pinning any collective responsibility on the whole community.

Finally if the Commission really wanted to help the minorities (the majority in case of Kairana) it would have acknowledged that a problem persists as that’s the only way it can be solved (if one wishes to solve it).

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Hemant Bijapurkar
Hemant Bijapurkar
Contributor at, Wish to write a great trilogy someday!
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