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Dear AAPtards, please understand that Kejriwal’s antics over surgical strikes are stupid

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Problem with AAPTards is that they think everyone shares their extreme repulsion to sense, coherence and logic.

They say that Kejriwal’s words are being twisted, if the AAPTards cannot comprehend the implication of the words however sugar coated they maybe, then that does not mean others can’t.

Yes Kejriwal said he is proud of Army and also Modi for showing the will. He also said that he is 100% sure that surgical strikes did happen. Yet Army officers, defence analysts, Admirals, Air Marshals have all vehemently criticized Kejriwal’s demand for proof – WHY? Are those people dumb to not understand what Kejriwal was saying in that 3 mins video? Why are they still angry?

Here is where I want to make a hopeless attempt to pique the degenerate minds of the doubting Thomas’s.

1. Pakistan is a country that says 1965, 1971 and Kargil were wars that they won. They deny involvement in 26/11 Mumbai attacks, they even denied Kasab was a Pakistani initially, till today some idiots in Pakistan claim RSS engineered 26/11. And Kejriwal says we should fight Pakistan propaganda? What for? Who is believing them anyways?

2. He then goes on to list all the various news reports that are questioning the surgical strikes. He says he is greatly pained at it, and also pompously cautions the people of India to not fall for their propaganda. Are the people of India questioning the surgical strikes? ANYONE?

3. And here is the crucial point – if Kejriwal was so concerned about our citizens not falling for Pak propaganda, he should have listed out proofs/reports that support the surgical strikes – for eg: the flip flop in Pak establishment immediately after the strike, about endorsement from various countries (Russia, USA, Bangladesh, European Parliament) supporting the strikes? Instead he rattled out CNN, BBC, Washington posts, UN that doubted the surgical strikes. WHY?

4. Kejriwal however filthy, sick and useless man he may be, unfortunately, he is still an elected CHIEF MINISTER of India, effectively a key representative of Indian State for the world, is he so naive or stupid (or deliberately treacherous?) to not understand how his words would be used in international circles?

5. Lastly, assuming Indian Govt releases video evidence, co-ordinates, photographs, operational details, and then Pakistan and their proxies again launch a propaganda of how the evidence is fake, and doctored etc (just like they did for 26/11), will Kejriwal yet again release a 3 min video saying I believe the Army but Modi should counter the fresh Pakistan propaganda?

Finally, dear AAPtards, is there anytime of the year when you think for yourselves, independently? EVER?

Would end with an important point Arnab made in his debate yesterday – (paraphrasing) it’s a shame that former Army/Navy/Airforce officers and defense specialists are being forced to go to lengths to argue and defend the surgical strikes, and caution against releasing any evidence that compromises the national security and Army intelligence assets.

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