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Ramya sedition issue and how we got it all wrong, or right.

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Another week. Another new issue. This time it involves an actor. Needless to say our citizens’ interest in this. Further, it has involved Pakistan too. And as anyone’s guess our media houses are trying their level best to get TRP. Let us dissect the issue.

1. Actor-Politician Ramya returns from a week-long ‘SAARC Youth Parliamentarians Conference’ in Islamabad. (I don’t know what an EX-MP had to do there?)

2. When enquired, in attempt to attack Manohar Parrikar, she said ‘Pakistan is not a hell; Pakistanis are really nice’. (To her offering a glass of juice while her things getting stolen is really an experience to conclude)

 3. Instead of laughing at this, Kodagu Praja Ranga (Yes. There’s an organization by this name) president Vittala Gowda filed a complaint in Somwarpet court.

4. To Ramya, this organization is BJP. And started besmirching BJP for misusing sedition law everywhere.  (Does it mean Bangalore Police is BJP?)

5. Our intelligent people who have no time but to read only the headlines has started feeling that they are living in North Korea or China.

6. Even if the case is quashed, she’ll say justice prevails, truth alone triumphs, BJP has lost etc.

7. BJP will be targeted by media and ‘intellects’ for any sedition law filed against anyone by anyone anywhere in India. (Similar to ‘minority & Dalit oppression’ and ‘Cow-Vigilantes)

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