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‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’: A failed state, anathema on Islam

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Single-mindedly and Mindlessly, Pakistan has positioned it self asthe  most radical Anti-India power on the planet, the only achievement to their credit, which protected their sovereignty from falling apart. They lived up to one and only agenda of inflicting India by any means , with falling down to every possible level they could.

Transformed into jihad factory, what good Pakistani would have done to Kashmir (India Administered), which kept destabilizing the regions for more than half a century.

Without Kashmir there is no agenda for Pakistan to work upon. Citizens are starving for basic needs, and Army (De Facto political power in Pakistan) is blindly accumulating weapons on the mercy of superpowers to disrupt neighboring Giant.

All the Muslim neighbouring countries including Iran, Afghanistan have cut off with Pakistan. And after bearing brunt of Jihad, American power is is no longer interesed in harbouring the terror powerhouse. Chinese power is still in tug of war with India and cannot it from jeopardizing its membership to United Nations and Commonwealth.

They have lost their credibility at all the international platform, no body trust them for their involvement in nurturing terrorism.

Calling special cabinet meeting to declare terrorist Burhan Wani, killed by Indian Army in Kashmir recently, as Pakistan’s martyr, reflects their desperation to maintain fame of world’s leading terror exporter.

Grave violations of Human rights, killing of Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other minority communities have raised international concerts regarding Pakistan’s destructive policies; it is no surprise if it received international sanctions sooner or later.

In last 2 years, India tried to resume dialogues at every possible level, but each time they opted out in unacceptable manner by resorting to non-state actor (Hurriyat Separatist Leaders).

Indian Prime Minister met his Pakistani counterpart at the sidelines of Ufa, and also paid a brief in December 2015 to Islamabad to normalise the situation, but Pakistan each time resorted inflicting terrorism.

Now the tension is at its peak Pakistan intensifying insurgency in Kashmir as they failed to all the attempts to disrupt India.

Meanwhile, in the recent terror attacks in France, USA, Bangladesh and Turkey, India and World must get together to fight the rising global Jihad before it gets too late.

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