Balochistan and India

The Prime Minister of India,during his address to the nation on 15th August raked up the issue of human right violations and the ongoing freedom struggle movement in the southwest part of Pakistan,Balochistan. This diplomatically incorrect but morally correct stance of Narendra Modi has put Pakistan on the back-foot,both at the mutual level as well as the international level.

Balochis have thanked Prime Minister for raising their legitimate problem from the ramparts of Red Fort seeking a more vibrant and active support from the Indian side.The hostility of Balochistan with Pakistan goes back to the bloodshed era of 1947 when the “terrorist state” Pakistan was newly established.The rulers of Kalat had refused to join Pakistan choosing to remain a sovereign, independent entity.

But Pakistan unleashed it’s armed forces in the summer of 1948 coercing Yar Khan,the ruler of Karat to sign the Instrument of accession. Though IoA was signed by the ruler, most of the Balochi nationals refused to accept the treaty vowing to continue their fight for a separate Balochistan. On the other side, Pakistan failed to deliver in Balochistan on the issue of development leading to further alienation of Baloch nationals from Pakistan.This mounting disenchantment culminated and then started a militant freedom struggle in Balochistan. Pakistan used their brutal and inhumane methods to allay the militancy leading to the killing and abduction of many unarmed civilians in Balochistan.

Balochis view India as a regional power and hence, are seeking support from us. India,which is pitching for a rightful entry into the UNSC membership cannot afford to condone any barbarism happening in it’s neighbourhood.India should take this opportunity to raise the issue at the global fora.India can also look ahead to form a coalition with Bangladesh and Afghanistan,which themselves have suffered the Pak sponsored terrorism, to shame Pakistan at international fora.

Obviously,Pakistan will not listen to criticism with humility.It could beef up terrorism in Kashmir to teach India a lesson.Pakistan can also cleverly use it to wash their hands off the events in Balochistan to put the onus on Indian spy agencies.Most importantly, any surge in militancy at Balochistan could hurt the working of Gwadar port,thereby hurting the OROB initiative of China.China,as always, important to us as the membership of NSG and inclusion of Masood Azher in the UN designated list of terrorism were stalled because of Chinese resistance.Intelligence agency,Home Ministry,PMO and the External affairs Ministry should work in tandem to prepare a comprehensive plan to support the Balochis cause without any major strategic and security implications.

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