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When a “joke” by Shashi Tharoor mocking Modi government backfired on Twitter

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On Saturday, a five-hour long jamboree was organized at India Gate in New Delhi to mark 2 years of the NDA Government. A star studded celebration with people from all backgrounds being part of it. DD news was the sole broadcaster of  the event. For the first time channel and their anchors, after decade of oblivion were all over the news. And if reports are true, the sarkari channel earned a huge revenue  from this .

Everything looked perfect with this celebration and it is understandable that opposition leaders must have felt bad being left out like a makhhi from milk. One of them was Former Cabinet Minister Shashi Tharoor, who came up with a jibe through a poster:

Tharoor tweet
Tharoor tried to mock the celebrations by hinting that the government had been a failure on inflation, made worse by taking away gas subsidy.

Perhaps Tharoor thought that he had made a very funny comment, but he forgot he was on Twitter, where funnier and smarter people comment. Here is that magic moment when Shashi Tharoor the troller got trolled 👌

Tharoor trolled
Ouch! That must have hurt.

Smart Trolling is an art very few possess, especially when it comes to writing within a limit of 140 characters to impress and influence. Tharoor might be able to write books, but tweets are not his cup of tea.

Just in case you are wondering what the above reply by The Lying Lama mean, it refers to the suspected murder of Shashi Tharoor’s third wife Sunanda Pushkar. Tharoor has been questioned in this case. Earlier too, Tharoor was trolled on the same issue when he tweeted this:

Tharoor and GoT
Game of Tharoor?
Tharoor and GoT
This is the comparison Tharoor thought was in his favour

But little did he know that the character he was compared with had killed his own wife! 👇

Coming back to his original tweets supposedly “exposing” Modi government’s claims, he got yet another smart reply:

Tharoor trolled
Whose fault is this Mr. Tharoor?

And some fact check on his claims, which Tharoor must have hated:

Tharoor lies
Daal selling at Rs. 200? Really Mr Tharoor?

Next thing Tharoor had claimed was about the gas subsidy, giving it which was supposed to be hurting the middle class. First of all the subsidy is not snatched away from the middle class, but only those with 10 lakh + per annum salary are supposed to “give it up”.

But what is worrying is that this giving up of subsidy is being maligned by Congress supporters and leaders:

Congress likes freebies
Congress voters are free riders not willing to help the economy?

It is clear that Congress leaders like Tharoor and party supporters don’t want to be a party to developed India. Congress supporters and left wing, which is hanging on to its freebies subsidies, don’t wish to move their ass to work just like their favorite Lenin who had said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”.

It is high time Indians see these people who want to strangulate the development and live off hard work done by others. The nation is changing, but these guys are not changing.

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