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Guha, the RSS and Ambedkar

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In my blog, I share my study and observations on issues current and related, and welcome my readers to share their views.

Ramchandra Guha has reminded the Sangh of past writings of Guruji Golvalkar. Guruji wrote that ‘Maharshi’ Nehru and ‘Rishi’ Ambedkar had dispensed with Sanatan Dharm while framing the Constitution. Therefore it is reflective of an inner conflict within the RSS.

The aforesaid comments by Guruji were made when the provisions of divorce were introduced. Sanatan Dharma believes in the unification of body and mind of a husband and wife. By the chanting of sacred vedas in the presence of the God of fire, and by appropriate rituals called cathurthi karm, the two are united such as never to separate. That was the fundamental  accomplishment of marriage according to Hindu faithfuls. Therefore they were opposed to the idea of divorce. Guruji was head of each family of swayamsevakas, a unifier, serving the cause of Hindu unity. He responded appropriately.


The Indian Express | April 21, 2016 8:11 am | by Ramachandra Guha

Guruji called Nehru “Maharshi” and referred to Dr. Ambedkar as “Rishi”, reminding people about the Nehruvian determination to frame the 1935 Government of India Act as the Constitution of India. Nehru was a wholehearted supporter of the Raj style of governance of India. It may be recalled that it was Nehru who prevailed upon the Constituent Assembly to preserve most of the provisions of the said Act.
It was only Dr. Ambedkar who could prevail upon Nehru and could make some of revolutionary changes in the British framework of Government of India Act.  Therefore calling Nehru “Maharshi” is an apt expression for a person who appropriately created the Indian model of  Westminster-style democratic institutions.
Nehru could effectively hamper the Ambedakarite vision of introducing  ‘Dharma’ in the Constitution due to the clout he had from occupying  the Prime Minister’s office,  and could prevent Dr. Ambedkar from making a more liberal and  ‘Dharma’-centric  constitution. Therefore, Guruji, while reducing Ambedakar to a ‘Rishi’, a lessor sage, was making an apt observation on the reality of the prevailing situation.
In the current scenario, intellectuals are behaving suspiciously. They want to ignite caste wars in the entire nation. They want to carve out India further into smaller nations. They are creating an intellectual environment to intensify debates on this secessionist agenda. They want to hurt the Indian economy and destroy the traditional business model of India. Indian business has helped nationalism and Dharma in every century. The so-called ‘progressive’ media enjoys throwing muck at the business class. They want to uproot  this class by igniting cast wars. Their agenda is to shake the tree till it gets uprooted.

The Indian Express | December 10, 2015 3:30pm | by Ramachandra Guha

The borders of our nation are well protected by valorous and glorious soldiers. Business activity spread across every nook and corner helps the economy accelerate. The businessman contributes by paying taxes and he helps maintain the socio-religious stability of our country. Caste war can hurt him and wipe him out. We can already see the consequences of Gujarat and Haryana cast struggles.
Mr. Guha would know for sure that Guruji would have supported the present stand of the RSS. He would have circumambulate the country one more time to spread the message of nationalism and to make every household aware of this evil design. I think the Sangh is bound to do the same. It would tell each household of the looming danger,  and the need to stand up for the nation.
Many leftist in India trust in God, many are still influenced by thoughts of Sanatan Dharma. They know  that every Indian shares the swayamsevaks’ aspirations and notions of their divine Motherland. This is a great emotional issue. People who are adamant on hurting such emotions can hardly be wise. Do they want Hindus to meet the fate of the Syrians, and Iraqi Yazidis? They want Hindus to loose their nation, their Dharma, culture, dignity and means?
Against this backdrop one can really understand why Mr. Guha is so critical of the RSS and its unification efforts.
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In my blog, I share my study and observations on issues current and related, and welcome my readers to share their views.

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