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A conversation between a liberal son and his mother

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Savitri the Mother: Beta, listen. Some people have gathered outside our house. They are shouting slogans, “Savitri, we are going to destroy you”, “We will not rest till we have broken you into pieces” and…

Liberal son Rahul: Mom, is this really urgent? I am a little busy right now.

Mother: Rahul, they are vowing to destroy me, I am scared, I am…

Liberal Rahul (cutting her again): Mom, I don’t get it. This is a free country, people have the right to free speech and expression. If they are shouting slogans against you, you must respect their right to do so!

Mother: But, beta they are baying for my blood. Did you hear them shout just now, “Come out and we will see how you go back in alive.”

Liberal Rahul: Mom, be objective. They are just shouting slogans at your doorstep, and they are well within their right to do so. Have they indulged in violence? Have they bodily harmed you yet?

Mother: No beta, but you remember the other day some of these people mugged me at the bazaar. What if they really mean what they say now? Anyway, we cannot wait for them to actually kill me. We need to do something before that!

Liberal Rahul: Mom, I have always regretted having such a narrow-minded, orthodox and illiberal person as you for my mother. You cannot see it is their right to threaten anyone they want, but I see it. And, I will protect that right no matter what. And I am asking you again – Has there been any physical violence yet?

Mother: How can you talk like that son? Don’t you get offended when people stand at my doorstep and threaten to kill me and rape me? Don’t you have the responsibility to stand by me, to protect me? Did I give you birth so that one day you could protect people’s right to abuse me?

Liberal Rahul: I have had enough of this bullshit, Mom! First, you didn’t do me a favour my giving me birth. You decided to have a kid and I happened. Second, my birth certificate proves that I am your son. I don’t need to prove it day and day out by protecting you or standing up for you.

Mother: I am shocked to hear that, son. Your brother would have taken these bastards to the police, but you defend their right to abuse me!

Liberal Rahul: Mom, please do not compare me with bhaiya. He is a jingoistic mygonist pig who believes saving his mother is his duty. A woman can’t save herself? Are you so weak you be harmed by a few slogans? He has no sense of respect for liberal values. He is a hyper-sensitive thug who will trample other people’s right to save his own people.

Mother: The question is not whether I can defend myself or not. The question is whether you will stand by me when I am attacked. I raised you, gave you my name, home, care and love, your very existence. Standing up for me is hyper-sensitive? You have no respect or love for your own mother

Liberal Rahul: Mom, you are my mother and I love you deeply. But, I don’t need a certificate from you for that. You cannot question my love for you, and you cannot decide how I am going to love you. Now, don’t be such a prude. Listen to these people shouting slogans and try to understand their point of view. If they want your blood, I am sure they have a reason for it.

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