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Bharat Mata

Global 20 (G20) Presidency: A summit of India’s aspirations       

Opportunities bring challenges and India as a nation will have to collectively conquer the challenges to make the way for future and global fortune.

India that is Bharat: Heading towards Sanatani libertarianism

Libertarianism essentially is the polar opposite of the socialist/Ashokan "nanny State" or, as is known in more respectful terminology, the "welfare State".

What is the “Idea of India”?

The bursting of firecrackers by Indian Muslims following a win of Pakistan over India in a cricket match indicates their connection of umbilical cord with Pakistan. What ‘Idea of India’ the liberal intellectuals find in such behavior of Indian Muslims?

Awakening of the sleeping Hindu giant

An Ode to the Resurrection of the Hindu self-esteem & pride.

Bharat- An unbreakable bond

When we talk about Bharat we are not referring just piece of land instead we refer to BHARAT MATA which is core or Aatma which bounds us together.

A conversation between a liberal son and his mother

A conversation between a mother and a son to draw parallel between a nation and a citizen

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