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Bharat- An unbreakable bond

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When we talk about Bharat we are not referring just piece of land instead we refer to BHARAT MATA which is core or Aatma which bounds us together. For a foreigner it is quite difficult to understand how a country sustain with large number of people with different Culture, Religions and Languages. Well the answer lies in question. Bharatiya culture is that bond which is major binding force which binds us as Nation or Rashtra. However when we start thinking about this bond we feels it is a vast topic and have various aspects which we have to look upon.

From Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and From Gujarat to Arunanchal Pradesh if we just traverse we will get shocked of interlinking of Cultures and Languages which forms basis of core or Aatma. If we just classify this core it can be classified into four broader aspects:

1 Culture
2 Religion
3 Language
4 History

1 Culture:
Culture is one of the most important binding force. Culture is mixture of festivals, rituals and nature of society. With large number of festivals like Holi, Diwali, Onam, Ugadi, Durga Puja, Lodhi and many more festivals with each festival having it’s historical significance celebrated with enthusiasm in different parts of the nation proves Bharat is land of festivals. Culture defines how we talk and our nature towards daily issues. Historically Pakistan and Afghanistan were also part of Akhand Bharat but due to Islamic Invasion which altered Culture which is one of major divisive force leading to partition of Akhand Bharat.

2 Religion:
Religion is best connecting force which binds a nation and is integral part of soul of nation. Importance of Religion as binding force can be explained with examples: If you are Ram Bhakt from journey of Bhagwan Ram connects Ayodhya (North) to Ramsetu (South). If you are Shiv Bhakt you are connected from Amarnath (North) to Rameshwaram (South). If you are Devi Bhakt you are connected from Vaishnodevi (North) to Kanyakumari (South). Mumbadevi (West) to Kamakhya Devi (East) religion also shape culture. Any state may be governed by different political party but people are connected by culture and religion. Even in our National Anthem (Jan Gan) we recognize Sindh which is in Pakistan which drives me to conclusion Cutting a piece of land can’t cut Chetna. European Union was ruled by Romans 1000 years ago but now it is divided into several countries where difference between Punjabi guy and Marathi guy is 1000 times than of French guy and British guy but still we are living together because we believe in Sanskritik Rashtrawad.

Meaning of BHARAT:

BHA – Light of Knowledge RAT – Chariot, which means Taking forward Knowledge and gain Spirituality. We believe in Internal Supermacy than External Supermacy. We are Geocultural nation which means we are governed by cultural values that inspires our actions taking all sections of people together.

3 Language:
With more than 19500 mothertongues and 22 major languages it makes Bharat highly diversified. While mainly all languages are called daughter languages of Sanskrit ,only Tamil is called Sister language of Sanskrit due to Common words. Local languages are mixed with sweetness and feelings which binds us as nation. When a person moves from one state to another he learns their language and also propagate cultural exchange which strengthen the bond between people of Bharat. This type of cultural exchange is carried by traders, students and job doing people.

4 History:
With history of more than 10000 years Bharat is only oldest survived civilization.This looks like just a number but it has Golden History of Bharat with stories of brave kings, prosperous and happy people. We have seen large amount of historical philosophies which shaped our culture. If we look in a broader perspective, Mahabharata was a fight between Kauravas and Pandavas but kings from all over Bharat fought as allies for battle between Dharma and Adharma which shows how whole Bharat was connected. Also Brave Kings of different states like Maharana Pratap, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj,Raja Krishna Devaraya, Prithviraj Chauhan are respected and treated as good in whole nation.That shows how people are connected because of shared history.

These four aspects are linked together making Bharat more connected and bounded as a Rashtra. BHARAT MATA KI JAY

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