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Into Shobhaa De’s D-word series defining our leaders and here she is misleading the readers

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In her recent article, Shobhaa De calls the most likely PM candidate from the grand old party, Shri Rahul Gandhi- a duffer, while in the same article goes on to say that the present PM of India is a demagogue– a leader who uses people’s prejudices for political advantage rather than reasoning. She also uses the word “desperate” in her being, but that’s okay. The obvious theme was- why would she choose a duffer over a demogogue.

A little perspective would help here, when we recall the “duffer” saying – “Ek side se aalu aur ek side se sona” it was an appreciable evaluation from Shobhaa De that, he is who she says he is. The demogogue part is a puzzling one. A political leader who uses people’s prejudice for political gains without rationale-in her story is Modi. Among the two thirds of MPs in parliament, there were only few and later none to vote from the Congress party, while the Triple Talaq bill was discussed. Few months later they came out saying that they would undo such things, if they came to power, mind you this was an issue which the supreme court has held it to be unconstitutional. On the other hand it has been done by his father for the same issue in Shaira Bano case where the majority in the parliament overturned(for electoral gains) supreme court’s observation by bringing in an ordinance.

Now the son is carrying the same baton that his father carried. But this time, it was a women from the Congress party to announce the party’s stance to audience. So much for feminism. Is that rational? not to wonder, it’s another stunt. While the Modi government took that charge to protect the women who are deprived of civilities while deciding for their lives, the “duffer” would do opposite of this, for garnering votes of course, but it’s also the out right usage of people’s prejudice. While the celebration of Indian air force valor after Pulwama is being branded as people’s prejudice against Pakistan which was used by Modi for votes, the time came where the “duffer” has to clarify his motive was to oppose just the govt, not air force. The Cambridge analytica issue to influence elections, silly arguments of EVMs being hacked, though failed, attempted to confuse the voters understanding of electoral process.

All these instances show that the “duffer” has created many such hoax by people’s prejudice, not Modi. Calling Modi’s successful policies as “fake Mann ki baat” and what she wants from her ideal PM is the “Dil ki dhadkan”, well you know what, the educated finally look into policies anyway, not whether the leader has feelings regarding the issue. Modi is unapologetic regarding these issues being sorted out, which are holding the nation back. While the leader of the grand old party is himself a demagogue and a duffer -it doesn’t matter whom she would choose “a duffer or a demagogue” as her leader, on both merits he is one and only Rahul Gandhi.

One thing is for sure, if I were to see the prime minister as a leader who appeals to masses based on “what they think” he campaigned for cleanliness, non-corruptive governance and a new song for the unity. When one expects a “duffer” to be the only option if at all not Modi, is not just an indication of the mafia hold of the “party of freedom movement” but also a disaster to a “largest Democratic” country in the world which has higher growth rate of increase in youth population. Modi’s “Yeh PUBG waala..” comment shows that he has mastered in appealing to the masses and making the public work for him. He could be “dextrous” in what a politician does or a “defiant” making the opposition form a greater coalition to again assert the appeasement politics, but he sure is not a “demagogue”.

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