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Oh Kanhaiya poor Kanhaiya be careful kanhaiya

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Careful of the “Wolves around you in the guise of sheep” empathizing with your poverty and despair.  These Wolves in private despise the poor Kanhaiya’s like you, if you are not convinced Kanhaiya sniff the lovely scent they drown themselves to avoid smell of sweat from the poor.

Kanhaiya with all your innocence ask them in the last 60 years of their struggle for poor how much poverty they have elevated. Ask the Left liberals why do I need to fight some rich guy for me to become rich and what have they done to make your life better except for asking you to fight. In all earnest Kanhaiya ask them if you are tool for them to keep their job of acting “Messiah of Poor”

Kanhaiya my dear friend they sound very intellectual and articulate and they convince us that farmers of this country are in distress. Ask them Kanhaiya with so much of IQ what did they do for poor farmers in last 60 years and how come the poor farmers are still poor and rich farmers with their support continue to avail benefits thrown by them in the name of Subsidy. Please ask them is it wrong for poor farmers to finally get money they are meant to get? Does that scare them?

After all these question before they start branding you as Sanghi or Bhakth please also ask them politics aside why can’t they respect a poor backward class man like you-Modi who with his hard work and passion and devotion has become the Prime Minister of India. Ask them why do they despise such a man (haven’t riots happened under other CMs) who seem to be talking of development and jobs for poor. They seem to enter into all kind of alliance with every other political party without any ideological convergence

Above questions Kanhaiya are death knell for you for this Oligarchy has understood that you have been awakened from deep slumber and sleep they have kept you under all these years. The hidden ghosts you are fighting to get out of poverty are these same “Purveyors of Poverty “they have kept you poor to ensure that they enjoy the riches.

So my dear Kanhaiya careful for poor in this world are vulnerable and cheap stock for these Oligarchy they despise one man (Modi) because he refuses to let them continue their fiefdom and they are scared that one day he will enable you and you will be no longer a tool in their Hands


Oh Kanhaiya poor Kanhaiya be careful kanhaiya

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