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Kanhaiya Kumar is a criminal out on bail, not a hero

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Krishna Anand
Entrepreneur. Manufacture Woman's Fashion for British brands. British Uni Product. Manchester United Fanatic. Apple Slut. Maria Sharapova Addict. Coffee Lover.

If you saw most News channels on the night of March 3rd you would think an Indian soldier has just returned home from War! The truth is far from that, this was no soldier, in fact this wasn’t even a proud Indian. Yeah, he tried to wave the flag to fool his JNU students but this man is a criminal out on bail.

The simple fact is propping him up is a dangerous idea for India. In the short-term he seems like the darling for the media & politicians who hate PM Modi. But think really hard, has your hatred for Modi forced you to stoop to such levels of desperation that you promote a criminal as hero?

People now see through this agenda of the media. The left parties will make Kanhaiya a Legend. He has an ideology, but it’s not for a strong United India. Civil unrest cannot be manufactured to seek revenge on one man. What is happening to our Country & while I know there are lots of Congress slaves and sell outs, this new low is shocking even for them.

Kanhaiya made some seriously loved political statements in that speech. Wasn’t he told by the High court to refrain from doing exactly that? How did he know who said what in Parliament & Twitter when he was locked up?

This isn’t as straight as it seems, this man has the backing and funding of politicians, media and all those who see him as a means to get back on Modi. To bring him down. They will do all it takes, back anybody needed to Achieve that goal. There is some serious thinking our media need to do. You cannot be on the constant look out for characters who are insulting Modi, and you must realize what your duties towards this country are.

Except for Arnab nobody is focusing on the Ishrat Coverup. In fact, they are using Kanhaiya to divert attention from that case. I’m sorry, but I don’t care what a Students Union president is being made to say when National security was compromised to eliminate my current PM! This is now beyond funny, the scale of the cover up is worrying and in any civilized country this would make headlines and the case be reopened.


Kanhaiya was released on bail and told by the HC to behave himself and not make political speeches, and what does he do? Attack the PM and the BJP on the first day itself, contempt of court anybody? Also, when he shouts out that only 31% voted for Modi, and 69% did not, is he that dumb not to realize that in a country of 125 Crore Indians and Thousands of political parties, 31% and majority in parliament is a ground breaking victory? How he got top Congress lawyers to defend him if he is such a ‘poor’ boy is another mystery.

My point is let’s get real. We must encourage campus politics, but not law being broken. We must encourage debate, but not insults to India’s voters. We must encourage Free speech but not sedition. And for god sake, the media who hate Modi must realize we Indians are no fools, we see through their sinister agenda and cannot stand it.

Jai Hind.

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Krishna Anand
Entrepreneur. Manufacture Woman's Fashion for British brands. British Uni Product. Manchester United Fanatic. Apple Slut. Maria Sharapova Addict. Coffee Lover.

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