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Theatrics of Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal against Modi

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There seems to be a rush amongst the opposition leaders to link every issue in the world to Modi and be in the limelight by abusing Modi. Its no secret that India Media loves those who attack Modi. So if you want to be in news, say something nasty against Modi and you get the Media attention.

This is precisely what Rahul Gandhi has been trying by attacking Modi on everything (most of it silly). Kejriwal has realized he is losing out on this and used this CBI raid to his advantage by reclaiming the media attention.

However test of leadership is in adversity and the hysterical reaction from Kejriwal (most of it drama) does show him as a poor leader. A person who reacts like this on a raid on a tainted bureaucrat- how will he react if he were to be the PM and say Pak attacked India? But to a section of people, this would appear to be heroic and their lies his vote bank.

In today’s times in India, there is no leader like Modi when it comes to show strength and composure during adverse times. More I see people like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal react in panic and nastily, more I get convinced that India is in safe hands under Modi.

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