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Who was the ‘Mole’ Behind 26/11 or it was just a story? Will the PM tell us?

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Ashish Tickoo
Ashish Tickoo
A Kashmiri Pandit in Exile -Born Kashmiri, Brought up Dogra.

As we remember 26/11, the horrific day memories of which will last in the minds forever, we will also remember that the victims till date are awaiting justice. 7 years and all we hear is dossier after dossier given to Pakistan while Hafiz Sayeed roams free and unfortunately, we all know nothing is going to happen to him.

Not even two weeks since similar Paris attacks happened and we already have been told that the mastermind has been killed. While we await Pakistan to do something on Mumbai attacks and BCCI meanwhile plans next cricket series with Pakistan one thing which has been missed out in all this is the Mole which was mentioned behind 26/11 attacks. Do Indians need Pakistan to give them that answer to this or Indians can be easily distracted away from it by picking up daily prime-time political wars?

An Article titled ´A Mole in Mumbai helped 26/11 attackers´ appeared in The Hindu on 27th Nov 2013. It was an interview with Mr Ram Pradhan, former Union Home Secretary who had led the two-man inquiry w.r.t 26/11 attack. In the article it is mentioned that how Pradhan Committee had informed the then Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram about the possibility of a mole in Mumbai who had assisted in the terror attack further adding that the central intelligence agencies didn’t cooperate with the committee.

The first question of the article talks about book The Siege which also seems to have made a claim that there was a local support to the attack in the form of a mole in the Indian security establishment and answer from Mr Pradhan clearly shows that there was no doubt about the local support and that he had communicated it to the state govt as well. Mr Pradhan clearly had stated in the interview that the information they had  could have helped in identifying the mole.

How do I remember this? I am Bhakt and it was noone else but our PM Narendra Modi who had referred to this issue and interview on 26 Nov 2013 in series of his tweets which thanks to twitter advanced search I could find and refer them here

UPA never explained but will now PM Narendra Modi tell the nation the real story behind the mole and what have we done about the committee report now? What are the steps been taken and when will we have the true story. Or should Indians forget about the Mole behind 26/11 and continue to hear the dossier stories. In PM´s own words from his tweet 2 years back on the same day

So, who was the mole behind 26/11, or was it just a story?

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Ashish Tickoo
Ashish Tickoo
A Kashmiri Pandit in Exile -Born Kashmiri, Brought up Dogra.
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