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In just 10 years every student must be either a Kanhaiya or a Khalid.

We don’t need hospitals: Give us the India Prayer Service, in name of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s second miracle has been officially recognized by the Holy Father in the Vatican.

A letter from Kanhaiya Kumar

A satirical look inside the mind of Kanhaiya Kumar

Confessions of a Left Liberal’s stomach

Stomach of a left-liberal shares his or her feelings.

Arvind Kejriwal approached for Hate Story-4

6 reasons why Arvind Kejriwal is fit for the movie

Shobhaa De starts her own school, will teach how to be on TV News channels on any topic

If Shobha De had a school, what will it teach. Read some snippets of wisdom from her.

A “bhaitard” pens down his feelings on acquittal of Salman Khan

It is also slap on face of those who say that his movies lack story and he doesn’t know acting.

An Argumentative Poor Indian

I have always emphasized the importance of poor in Nobel Prize winning topics, in Oscar-winning scripts, in JNU dissertations, in trending columns of NDTV, The Hindu, NY Times, etc. and in seat winning political speeches.

Why a vote for Lalu is a vote for Liberal India.

A "liberal" tells us why Bihar voted how it did

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