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Kanhaiya Kumar claims he was attacked again!

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As per a breaking news that’s coming in, Kanhaiya Kumar claims that he was attacked again last night. In an exclusive interview to Barkha Dutt, Kanhaiya reveals, “I came back to the hostel after having a Bharat se Azaadi err…Bharat mein Azaadi session. When I was going to my bed, I sensed something is wrong as most of my Twitter mentions were making fun of me and my communist ideas. But I chose to ignore those signs and tried to sleep. Within a few moments I had this dream where people were shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai everywhere. I must admit it was a bit scary to see so many people praising mother India.”

“Then I heard some people shouting Modi Modi and I started seething in anger,” he said, to which Barkha added that she totally understood the feeling. Kanhaiya then added, “I saw a man was coming towards me. I saw the Indian national flag in his hand & a confident smile on his face. I got scared again as I had never come this close to the National flag. All I have cherished is holding red flag in my hand. He came to me and patted saying ‘Get well soon’. I was outraged. How could a Sanghi pat on my back gently and say seemingly nice words! Then I realized the conspiracy. I was sure that it was not a simple pat on the back. It was a brutal attack. It was a direct attack on my Freedom of Expression, that too in my dreams. Then I woke up in the middle of the night but couldn’t discard this incident as a nightmare.”

Barkha looked quite disturbed at the series of events and she immediately tweeted that Kanhiya was attacked yet again. People from rest of the Media and the opposition parties too have taken this incident seriously. Many of the prominent journalists like the journalist couple Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai, have expressed their views on Twitter.

Sagarika further revealed that she had been having similar nightmares since May 2014, but she usually sees one particular person in white beard (not thousands of people) waving National Flag from the Lal Quila and saying Bharat Mata ki Jai. She further added that this had never happened before that a person’s FoE been challenged in his/her dreams.

Rajdeep said that he had a not-so-good experience at Madison Square Garden but he was never attacked this way. “What happened with Kanhaiya is shameful and it really forces me to think if our Moral Compass is intact?” he tweeted.

Barkha, after recovering from the shock expressed her views on Twitter, “What have we come down to ?? Can’t we let a person to sleep in peace? Do Bhakts now have to go to Kanhaiya’s dream to trouble him??”

Ravish Kumar has also expressed his concerns but seems to have dropped the idea of blackening the screen in fear of losing the limited viewership of NDTV. Nitish Kumar and Sitaram Yechury have said that it’s a direct attack on a poor boy Kanhaiya by suit boot Modi Sarkar. When they were prodded about the alleged return of Jungle Raj in Bihar & Political hooliganism in Kerala, they chose to remain silent and suggested the nation to refrain from whataboutery.

Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal has declared that he is going to visit Kanhaiya on 25th April to discuss this serious matter as he has an Odd car and can’t go out on Even days. Though he assured that he will Retweet some of the comments on Twitter to show his support. Rahul Gandhi has also expressed his displeasure at the turn of events and stressed that Modi government should think about RTI and Women Empowerment to fix these kind of issues related to Freedom of Expression.

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