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Rahul Gandhi was tired of playing Pokemon Go outside, so slept inside Lok Sabha

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Pokemon Go augmented reality game has turned into a craze, often pushing its gamers to do unimaginable things. The latest casualty has been our own Rahul Gandhi, who was caught napping in the Parliament during its Monsoon session, thereby gifting an opportunity to the other political parties, not to be missed after a heated morning debate that had left Arun Jaitley and Mayawati, almost celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan in Rajya Sabha.

‘Even a gigolo doesn’t sleep after accepting a contract. How can Rahul Gandhi doze off in the middle of our ‘screw the parliament’ session?’ An unperturbed BJP leader (sacked and cracked) Dayashankar Singh chose to shame a far more virtuous profession than his for a second time in the day.

Congress however, quickly came out in Rahul Gandhi’s strong defense. ‘This shows the sick-mindedness of BJP, which thinks Rahul Gandhi is good for nothing. He was recovering from a heat stroke outside and deserved his usual little break,’ Renuka Chaudhary explained.


Samajwadi party hurriedly joined the bandwagon too, after losing out the morning session to rival BSP’s Mayawati. ‘What was he doing outside in this severe heat when he has been provided with air-conditioned cabins?’ Naresh Agarwal shot an ill advised statement once again.

However, before Prashant Kishore could latch onto the opportunity and claim, that Rahul Gandhi was empathizing with UP’s junta before 2017 elections, who don’t have any electricity and bear the brunt of same heat, AAP’s sting department released a video showing Rahul baba rambling in Brownian motion, his eyes fixed on his i-phone 6 outside the Parliament.

‘He was actually playing Pokemon Go, trying to capture the Pikachu monster after he got its tip on Whatsapp. That’s when he suffered the heat stroke,’ Ashutosh of AAP said and added cheekily, ‘It was me who had forwarded the text.’

Meanwhile, as per inside sources, mummy Sonia Gandhi wasn’t too pleased with young Gandhi’s new love for the AR game. Insisting he needed to step out of his well into the real world (at least during the monsoon), she has uninstalled Pokemon Go from his i-phone. This blow has come after Chhota Bheem was taken off the TV channels list that telecast at 10 Janpath just a week before. Allegedly, Rahul baba is upset and has asked Digvijay Singh to invite Irrfan ‘Madari’ Khan to visit him as soon as possible for a monkey show.

Praveen Togadia of VHP has demanded a complete ban on the secular Pokemon Go, citing it as the next peaceful threat to India’s young cows and has appealed to the government to use pellet guns wherever the monsters are seen.

In Media, Barkha Dutt has called the Pokemon innocent, Ravish ki chitthi is still awaited and Arnab has proposed a one to one with Pikachu on Times Now while Pokemon followers have said that Rahul Gandhi is not a true gamer and has mis-interpreted the whole game.

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