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Not many years ago, Indians were seen as snake charmers. Times have changed. Congressmen of America has now got taste of Modi. The reasons of his rise to power amongst 2500 political parties. He left his family to join a larger family called RSS and shaped up for ruling the country. RSS caught the Hindus who are in majority in spite of many conversions into other religions. RSS finally gained momentum when they choose Ram of Ramayana as their Hero.

Now, Modi has to fight as Ram. As per Ramayana, Ram had fought and defeated Ravana who had 10 heads. Through virtual evolution of time; now Ravana has 15 heads. But this time, each head has different characteristics. In 2024 general elections, Modi, the modern Ram of RSS and BJP will have to fight the Ravana with 15 different heads (actually head of different political parties- the main opposition).

One has to go through my previous articles on Modi (enclosed) in order to understand his modus operandi and his willpower. Without his charm, could he get 15 standing ovations from the congressmen of America, besides innumerable applauds, during his speech.

Though Modi has built up his cadre in BJP and is supported by the RSS cadre; yet he has something which no other leader in India has got. He does something extraordinary to win the masses/crowd and get their votes. He and his associates have built up enough monetary power over these 9 years of rules. Besides his last-minute googly balls, he would satisfy the aspirations of the voters in the nick of time and be the piped piper himself.

Simultaneously, he would disorganize the 15 heads and chop off each head in different directions. It would be similar to the battle of Ramayana. Contemporary Ram, Modi, will come out with flying colours. He and his party would be victorious, as Modi still has the passion to rule.

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