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G20 & the human centric approach

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The onset of AMRITKAAL in India started on 15 August’22 and it is leading up to the centenary of its independence. Good mesmerizing the masses with a higher aim to achieve! This also binds the Aim and the momentum of a particular set of people. It is a fantastic move, Isn’t it? 

India is chairing the G20 from 01 Dec’22 to 30 Nov’23. The AMRITKAAL MISSION is for a futuristic, prosperous, inclusive and developed society, distinguished by A HUMAN-CENTRIC APPROACH AT ITS CORE, THE CENTRE. The dichotomy of the AMRITKAAL Mission is very obvious. It hits you instantly. It compels you to think about the strategic and tactical actions taken so far. The pros and cons of every action taken by all Governments.

Constant evaluation of all strategic and tactical goals and objectives, is a must. The AMRITKAAL Misson would achieve an Aim and Aim Plus. The other dichotomy is the HUMAN CENTRIC APPROACH.

India’s human centric approaches till date, have not been very effective, like Japan. Seventy-five years after independence is quite a lot of time to be a developed nation, with so much of resources. The Humans were somehow left out.

Even now, they are being left out. Our policies have been Political Party Centric. Without coming to power, how can a Party survive in a multi parti Parliamentary form of Government. This dire requirement has kept us in a topsy turvy situation.

We have been burning candles to light up the Developed Nations. The citizens of our Country have always been kept in ‘Hand to Mouth situation’ in all aspects of life. Even now, we market ourselves saying that India provides cheapest labour. At this juncture, more than 90 percent of the workers are not paid all the statutory dues as per the existing laws, hence the income is hand to mouth.

Is this human-centric approach? As a result, Indian diaspora is on the wax, and Indians in India are on the wane. Similarly, any person who has taken bank loan or have faltered (due to extreme unfavorable situation) to pay income tax (even tough their forefathers have been paying taxes or advance taxes) have no option other than to die due to direct or indirect reasons.

The institutions do not ratify the rules and regulations. Instead, the authorities arrange some extra income for themselves. They do not take preventive and proactive actions. Can we really adopt HUMAN-CENTRIC APPROACH SOMEDAY?

Nonetheless, it has been a great achievement that Democracy has been retained, at all cost. It is easier said than done. To that extent, every representative of every Government since independence, has contributed as per their own capacity.

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