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Other side of silver screen

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Since time immemorial, we have seen many ups and downs in entertainment and the difference in budgets that are put in order to make Silver Screen hit or flop was entirely dependent on the concept of the story and the characters played by the artists to the fullest to make the audiences spellbound and got celebrated due to their hard work but in this century, it seems “Star Kids” have an upper hand than the other “New Blood Budding Talented Artists” who literally beg to get their roles and silver screen don’t have realistic approach and VFX presentations seems artificial as compared with “Hollywood”. We can say 1 on a scale of 1 – 10 but for Hollywood 10 on a scale of 1 – 10.

Silver Screen is almost on the verge of losing its identity until “New Blood Budding Talented Artists” pour in and Directors and Producers won’t let it happen only because of egoisms. Directors and Producers must be sensible in selecting the characters to be played in Silver Screen and not just select randomly just because they are “Star Kids” who stand no chance in front of “New Blood Talented Artists.” Directors and Producers must first become the followers of “Sadhguru – Spiritualism” and not just because a Don is funding the Government and Silver Screen. If “Star Kids” were really talented, how come a “Budding Manager and Budding Actor” were murdered with no traces of witnesses, smells of “Corruption, Anarchy, and Massacres.”

A trap laid to kill “Budding Talented New Bloods. Silver Screen is a failed state like Pakistan. A hide out where all the miscreants can hide with full authority. If a Chaiwallah can become the “Prime Minister” of a Nation, why not a Chaiwallah become a “Mega Star” of Silver Screen. Promotion of Silver Screen has to go down as Silver Screen won’t last long if thrillers are continuous, a lateral entry of “Heavy Metal Music Industry” has to be up depending on the civic sense of the nation provided how civilians react to such kind of Genres by not resorting to Drugs, Drinks, and Smoking because entertainment doesn’t mean only Silver Screen but music is equivocal.

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