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Other side of silver screen

Promotion of Silver Screen has to go down as Silver Screen won't last long if thrillers are continuous, a lateral entry of "Heavy Metal Music Industry" has to be up depending on the civic sense of the nation provided how civilians react to such kind of Genres by not resorting to Drugs, Drinks, and Smoking because entertainment doesn't mean only Silver Screen but music is equivocal.

After effects of Covid- 19 and vaccination

A virus so lethal that tried to break in and break us in every possible way, but we fought with it till the end not giving room for the virus to enter leading to victory for the good.

Immunized and the Unimmunized

Being vaccinated is the only one source that can break the chain of the virus and come clean by following safety norms for ourselves as well as for others.

Spread of SARS-COV2 1st wave from Wuhan and 2nd wave from other countries resulting in endangering India

A controversial virus that has many origins that we are not aware of.

Effects of SARS-COV2 pandemic on general public

The only solution for the pandemic is to analyze and manage in a way that we are always aware in advance when such global pandemics spread to finish the human race by its roots.

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