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Immunized and the Unimmunized

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Being immunised is a safety measure that every one must be blessed irrespective of age criteria but being unimmunised pose a threat who are not immunised with vaccines, a thin line of separation between the immunised and the unimmunised and must be filled in to bridge the gap between the two. Being vaccinated is the only one source that can break the chain of the virus and come clean by following safety norms for ourselves as well as for others.

Imposing lockdown will not slow down the process but will create haywire and confusion among ourselves landing ourselves in a place of nowhere as we all know we are running short of vaccines at present. The reason behind this is that we have imported more vaccines more than speculated leaving ourselves with no vaccine and finally endangering ourselves which is not healthy on the part of the Government. The more we import simultaneously we got to export. Vaccines are the need of the hour before we endanger ourselves. Play safe and stay safe is the need of the hour. In abroad, people are almost vaccinated whereas in India we are vaccinated with single doses where we are endangering not only our society but also we are running under lockdown landing ourselves in dismay. Our future is uncertain as long as we don’t arm ourselves with vaccines.

Almost all the age groups must be vaccinated in order to avoid the spread of the virus and follow safety precautions that is our social responsibility to keep ourselves safe. Don’t jeopardize our society and we must strictly follow the safety precautions to the end. It seem we have developed fear among ourselves that resulted in the number of deaths which are not supposed to happen. We must conquer our fears if we want to drive away the virus. Start loving our neighbours, near and dear ones, relatives and our society and Corona will be gone away forever. Love and unite and not separation.

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