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Effects of SARS-COV2 pandemic on general public

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A bio and artificially engineered virus created to vanquish human race from its very exsistance that’s unprecedented and unperceived by humans at large. SARS-COV2 shattered the world economy by its bones and also broken the human skeletons of unison bit by bit. There are drastic changes in the families where unhealthy relationships exists between fathers, mothers, sons, and sisters where siblings are becoming enemies of one another.

A big unprecedented challenge to be accepted by the general public where situations are not supportive and paving their path to destruction and internal hassles within the general public where maturity levels are required to deal with the current situation which we normally don’t find in people who lack human touch in the society. A situation wherein jobs are sacked every now and then for no apparent reason, very easy to lose one, but really hard to get one. A bio-engineered war we never came across where we are letting our children to take up online classes within the four walls by curtailing their physical activities and finally killing their freedom to socialize with other children and endangering ourselves by not venturing out and also killing the freedom of others who want to venture out and placing ourselves as if we are in a grave danger of contracting SARS-COV2 due to our psychology.

This is a misconception of human sentiments, emotions, and feelings gone wrong yet we don’t feel the necessity of perfecting ourselves and always try to prove our mettle that we are always right and positive in spite of the hassles we encounter every now and then and forcefully remain within the clutches of the society as vaccines are not released yet for the general public. Venturing out without masks to merchant establishments is prohibited and is not entertained in any manner due to the fear of contracting SARS-COV2 and knowingly or unknowingly we are dumping the society into a pit hole of SARS-COV2.

A psychological disorder is prevailing in the society since the start of SARS-COV2. We must come out of it before our oxygen levels are lowered down and we end up in a grave situation where we don’t have other options but to pay the price of what we have done. The only solution for the pandemic is to analyze and manage in a way that we are always aware in advance when such global pandemics spread to finish the human race by its roots.

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