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After effects of Covid- 19 and vaccination

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Information overload about Covid had drastic effects resulting in the breakdown of health, wealth, deaths, media, and relationships where we became the victims with the unleashment of the unprecedented bio engineered virus. A virus that was so lethal that we have lost health due to so many mutations and waves as during its peak period, every disease was considered to be Covid-19 in order to stop further spread of Covid-19 and followed all safety precautions laid by the Governments.

World economy had also drastically gone down and hit zero as per stock exchanges. Many of them who we were well off got affected with the virus and had to lose jobs as job market went down and still we can see the effects hovering over us. Most the companies have been shut down due to further spread of the virus and went into loan shocks and drop in their shares and were not in a position to pay its employees. A bad time for the job market to recruit talented and aspiring personnel. Many of whom who were into jobs had to come out due to Covid-19 virus and went into job shocks and went on doing odd jobs that most of them were not supposed to do depending on their skillsets.

IT employees whose pay packs were far more bigger than their pockets pre Covid-19 shrinked and fits perfectly in their pockets without much struggle and may not be happy as pay packs fit perfectly in their pockets, but this is the reality, agree or not. Worst effected were unskilled workers who have undergone traumas at work, body present mind absent due to after effects of Covid – 19. Skilled workers also came in its grip where most of them had exposure to the virus due to unsafety precautions where most of them had to go to office to work. Out of all the viruses Covid – 19 had unimaginable figures where people of all ages came under its grip even after couple of lockdowns.

We have taken every small step to restrict further spread of the virus, but the number of death figures were unimaginable. Mistake lies in our hands due to leverage as we Indians never walk in a straight line, we always look out for shortcuts and shortcut keys in computers and can’t be changed as we are manufactured as such. Post Covid-19, media has become the front forerunners by threatening the public in its news channels in whatever way it takes.

During first wave, the triggering was a mild dose of brain washing, but in the second wave, it went to moderate to extreme where we are watching any TV news channels, we would randomly wear PPE kit due to fear. Media covered all areas in order to increase their TRPs and contributed in the admission of more and more patients into the hospitals resulting in unimaginable number of deaths which were beyond our expectations and people of all ages died with Covid-19 and without Covid-19.

A massacre committed mercilessly where large number of bodies were dumped in the mortuaries and bodies not released even after finishing all the formalities of the hospitals and all the crematorium rites were fulfilled by the hospital staff without the presence of the near and dear ones including the bloodlines. A malpractice followed by the hospital staff where dead bodies were not handed over to the bloodlines as money was extorted heavily including hospital bills and crematorium rites. Hospital staff were negligent in fulfilling their duties to the fullest where they left the Covid-19 dead patient in the ward itself and ran away without dumping in the mortuary due to panic being created by the virus.

Relationships also lost their trustworthiness inclusive of bloodlines and couples due to wrong information leaked out randomly trying to break in and hurt the sentiments. A virus so lethal that tried to break in and break us in every possible way, but we fought with it till the end not giving room for the virus to enter leading to victory for the good, good over evil and not evil over good.

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