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Awaken the entrepreneurial fire: Igniting India’s Indic renaissance

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Indic renaissance is a topic that has been in the limelight for quite a while although not popularized among the masses, it is one of the most crucial aspects that our society must focus on to bring our civilizational values to the modern world. By the end of this article, if it can even ignite a single thought of the idea of entrepreneurship in this space I would consider this article to be a success.

Indic renaissance in simple words, is the rejuvenation of cultural and intellectual revival of the ancient Indian civilization, encompassing various aspects such as art, philosophy, science, and spirituality. The question arises that the Indic renaissance is quite a social movement how can entrepreneurship help in the Indic renaissance? Rather than looking at this movement purely as a social movement we must look at it as a social-economic movement which can contribute to India’s economic growth story and soft power.

In the case of Japan and South Korea their soft power is their Anime and K-pop Industry respectively, without entrepreneurs in their country it wouldn’t have been such a huge success that the entire Gen-z generation crave about. Every citizen and every generation in their country have a sense of pride in their culture that they showcase to the world.

India has one of the most deep rooted and enriched cultures that the world has not been able to experience yet. The startup culture which has been booming in India, which has been mainly focused on technology and fintech, is good for India, but the lack of socio-cultural startups that focus on this movement is lacking.

Here are a few ideas that you can work towards.

1.Revitalization of Traditional Arts and Crafts: You can work to revive traditional arts and crafts, such as textiles, pottery, and jewelry, by modernizing production methods, creating new designs, and marketing them to a wider audience. This can help to preserve these cultural traditions and make them relevant to a new generation.

2.Promotion of Cultural Heritage: You can create businesses that promote and celebrate India’s cultural heritage, such as cultural tourism, cultural events, and cultural education programs. This can help to raise awareness of India’s rich cultural heritage and to build its cultural soft power. Eg:Indian classical Music Industry is widely untapped and has a lot of potential.

3.Support for the Creative and Cultural Industries: You can create businesses that support the growth of the creative and cultural industries, such as music, film, and fashion. This can help to build a thriving creative economy and to foster a culture of innovation and creativity. Although the animation in Industry in India is not fully utilized, making anime showcasing India’s beautiful culture and values.

4.Fostering Innovation: You can drive innovation by creating new products and services that draw on India’s cultural heritage, such as traditional medicine, spirituality, and philosophy. This can help to position India as a leader in the cultural and creative industries, and to build its reputation as a hub of innovation.

Although there might be players in this space which give tight competition, with better vision and creativity you can be one of the dominant players in this space.

A startup culture without the focus on this movement will lead to a more westernized societyevery aspiring entrepreneur must give a thought about this movement for the better cultural development of our society.

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, How do you make this renaissance happen is a problem that is worth solving for our “Bharat“.

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