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No limit to what women can accomplish

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Empowering women is a big responsibility, but it’s also vital for gender equality. Furthermore society benefits when women are treated with respect and not as second-class citizens. Women were limited in their houses and were not allowed to leave the house for employment but now things are changing periodically and drastically. 

Empowering women gives them equal status which in turn gives them a frictionless environment. Secondly, it creates an opportunity for employment and makes them financially independent which is very important in this era. Moreover, her employment helps her to get rid of social violence and atrocities against her. It can help her to fight for her rights. 

During the pandemic unemployment touched an all time high and countless breadwinners on the streets, families starved on a daily basis. The number of people unemployed in India rose from 43.32 million in 2021 to 44.20 million in 2022. Our youth and women are worst hit by the ongoing unemployment crisis; they deserve equal and ample opportunities to earn their livelihood.

Developing their skills is an integral part to help them to achieve their financial independence. Identifying their skills gaps and working to develop those skills further should be our aim so that they can be capable enough to earn their livelihoods.

Supporting women is our responsibility. They are also human beings then why are they treated unequally and deprived of their rightful place in society. Women empowerment is the process to grant women their true rights. An empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Our progress as a society can be double folded if women get the same treatment as men. 

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