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sexual exploitation

No limit to what women can accomplish

Empowering women gives them equal status which in turn gives them a frictionless environment.

Human trafficking problem in India & the road ahead

In this article, we will analyze the scary situation in India and counters to it.

Why the hurry behind the Anti-Trafficking Bill 2018 is justified

If the Bill were to wait for the winter session, which is predicted to be a wash-out session, the country will be consciously delaying the enforcement of a much needed stringent law.

Motivating compliance to Anti-Sexual Harassment law: Two suggestions

The article recommends two modifications to the sexual harassment law for motivating employers to take active interest in its prevention

Nirbhaya! No I’m scared

Rape culture won't end till the suppression of women in the society doesn't end.

Prostitution: The dark side of our ‘developing’ society

Women empowerment comes later. First comes their safety. Are they safe from sexual exploitation at first place?

Is this why The Viral Fever founder is being targeted?

Arunabh Kumar would have merrily gone around being a sexual predator had TVF not shown its political proclivities the way it has been doing.

अभिसार शर्मा के नाम इक खुला खत, संदीप कुमार के मुद्दे पर

आम आदमी पार्टी के मुखपत्र जनता का रिपोर्टर पर अभिसार के लेख का जवाब

On the boycott of Barkha, the Adarsh Liberal cabal, and Morality

My thoughts on the ongoing controversy over Barkha's books being down-rated on Amazon.

The silence of journalists over sexual crimes of fellow journalists

Do our country's journalists send a signal that sexual crimes are fine as long as the perpetrators belong to their industry?

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